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Walnut Street is the first station in Montclair on the former Boonton Line. The station was built in 1873, today's simple brick depot was built in 1953 and the station was electrified for Montclair Connection service which began operating in 2002. Passengers at this station before 2002 had to contend with infrequent diesel service only to Hoboken via the now abandoned rest of the Boonton Line. The station has two low-level side platforms with a fence between them. The platforms begin at the grade crossing of Walnut Street at their southern ends and are completely exposed. The Newark-bound platform has a nondescript brick station house that is no longer in passenger use and is now the Eire Saloon Bar & Restaurant. The main benches for waiting passengers are directly outside of it beneath roofs with slight eaves. There is also one white domed bus shelter with a bench inside it for waiting passengers. A second shelter is directly outside the station house but was full of boxes when I visited. Along each platform are parking lots. There is plenty of grass and trees in between, the Newark-bound platform has a fence held up by concrete posts. The Newark-bound platform has about 100 spaces along Depot Square and Erie Street. The Hackettstown-bound platform has an equal number.
All Photos taken on 6 July, 2011

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Erie Park south of the station
Permit Parking at the station
Grade crossing at the southern end of the station
Sign and the station house turned restaurant across the tracks
More Parking at the station
The southern grade crossing, only way to get between the platforms
Another parking lot beyond these trees
Across the street from the station
ALP-46 #4618 pulls a northbound Midtown Direct train to MSU
ALP-46 #4618 crosses the grade crossing into the station
The blur of ALP-46 #4618
The blur of MLVs entering
Trains pass entering the station
Two MidTOWN DIRECT trains pass: Comet IV Cab Car #5027 stops at Walnut Street as MLV #7269 passes heading north
Comet IV Cab Car #5027 leaves the station passing MLVs
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Montclair-Boonton Line (MidTOWN DIRECT)<Walnut Street (Montclair)
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