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Linden is a Northeast and North Jersey Coast Line Station in an area where the corridor expands to six tracks. It receives base service from about 3 trains per hour during weekdays (two on the NEC Line and one on the North Jersey Coast Line) and two per hour on weekends, with a similar level of service during rush hours when many expresses bypass the station. The stop has two short high-level side platforms on Tracks A (for 6 cars) and B (for 8 cars). The middle express tracks are mainline tracks 1 thru 4. The platforms are slightly staggered from each other. These feel even more elevated from the parking lots on each side of the tracks because they are on a bit of an embankment for Wood Avenue's underpass. The southern side of this underpass is where the longer Trenton-bound platform begins. This is with a long staircase up to it directly from Wood Avenue, which is alongside a driveway that leads into the 464 space parking lot along this platform. The staircase has a brief landing at what is a gated off wooden low-level platform to allow boarding at other express tracks in the event of track work before going up to the end of the high-level platform. The platform is then canopied for its first quarter length with a small slightly more enclosed shelter. There is then another staircase and ramp (which ends nearly at the northern end of the platform) down to the parking lot. By the staircase are two shelters, one is small and is for paying for parking plus a larger "Buy Tickets Here" shelter coving 2 TVMs. Towards the southern end of the platform is one more staircase to the parking lot whose main entrances are from Elizabeth Avenue parallel to the train tracks. The Wood Avenue overpass deserves mentioning because it is actually two underpasses, one for tracks B,3,4, and 2 and one for 1 and A. The area in between has an abandoned staircase that used to lead up to a small (low-level) platform for Tracks 1 and 2. The tracks are also labeled in the underpass with small black numbers and letters.

The shorter New York-bound platform is entirely canopied (with green supports). The platform begins on the northern side of the overpass with Wood Avenue. The back wall of the platform above the overpass is a windscreen painted blue, with Welcome to Linden visible from the street. Next is the historic station house along the south side of the street. It is a cream colored building with green trim and a green roof with a now unstaffed waiting room open from 6am to 5pm on weekdays. Inside are some wooden benches with arms to prevent sleeping, and the closed ticket window. The other wing of the station is occupied by the recently opened Green Cafe. On the opposite side of the depot there is another set of two shelters, one covering TVMs and the other parking Muni-Meters and the only staircase up to the platform. This leads to the much smaller 141 Space Parking lot behind entrances are from either Wood Avenue or Penn Place. At the southern end of the platform is the other access: There is a blocked off staircase at the extreme southern end to the low-level wooden platforms for this end of the station. Just before the platform ends is a long wheelchair ramp that leads down into the parking lot. The ramp provides an excellent spot for low angled photos of trains entering and leaving the station.
Photos 1-67 were taken on 13 August, 2012, 68-76 on 3 April, 2013

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Overlooking the parking lot
ALP-46 #4641 pushes a train south
ALP-46 #4641 keeps pushing a NEC train south to Trenton
Going down from the Trenton-bound platform
One row of the parking lot
TVMs for the Trenton-bound platform
The overpass is painted with Linden Pride Citywide
Between the two sets of tracks in the underpass
Streetside of the station house
The waiting room
The former ticket window and entrance to the shop
Doors out to the parking lot
TVM shelters and the Muni-Meters
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Northeast Corridor Line<Linden
Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<North Jersey Coast Line<Linden
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