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Hawthorne is a very simple station on the main line, the line is at a grade, but without level crossings, just south of the station, the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway Hudson Secondary goes over the rail line (with ad advertisement primarily visible to Main Line rail passengers on the bridge), at the same place Wagara Road goes under both the New Jersey Transit Main Line and this freight track. The only amenity providing cover when waiting for a train is the extra long bus shelter with a bench in it on the Hoboken-bound platform. The TVMs have their own separate shelter at the station's entrance that is onlyvia the Hoboken-bound platform, accessed through a small 20 space parking lot at a curve along Washington Avenue. The northbound platform is reached via a gap in the fence and wooden boards across the tracks in the middle of the platform. This crossing does have warning bells and lights and a sign saying to not cross the tracks when warning lights are activated since trains can approach the station in both directions.
Photos 1-16: May 29, 2008

Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Main Line<Hawthorne
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