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New Providence is the first stop (closest to Summit) on the Gladstone Branch and was completely grade separated in 1931 when Springfield Avenue that used to have a grade crossing directly at the station was rerouted onto an overpass bridge over the single track just north of the station, a long staircase leads down from the overpass to the platform. The single track has a single low-level side platform that can accommodate 7 cars. Old Springfield Avenue ends at the station platform (curving away and becoming Division Street). There is a small parking lot along the platform but this parking isn't for commuters, just a delicatessen. It is here that is the station's historic 1899 station house near the northern end of the platform. This building is painted purple. Inside is a small waiting area that is currently under renovation (as of November 2013). There is a brand new wooden floor (replacing a previous one of linoleum) and light grey walls but no benches have been reinstalled yet. Strangely for a minor station the interior walls have advertisements on them. Next to the station house is a bus shelter that contains the stations TVM.

The stations only commuter parking lot with 114 spaces is on the other side of the track from the platform. To get to the parking lot there is a pedestrian tunnel with concrete walls a florescent lighting. The staircase up to it at each end has a portal surrounded by concrete. It was clearly built as part of the 1930s grade separation project judging from the design and feels out of place for the simple single-track Gladstone Branch (why not just have a pedestrian grade crossing?)
All Photos taken on 22 November, 2013

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Approaching the pedestrian tunnel to access the platform
The platform with its single track and other portal of the tunnel
The well-lit portal into the tunnel To Station & All Trains
Down the well-lit steps
In the middle of the tunnel crossing under the single track
Up the stairs to actually reach the platform
The portal says To Municipal Parking, its where the station's only small railroad parking lot is
A night view of the simple station and platform
Looking across to the end of the tunnel opposite the platform and well fenced off walkway
The siding s half concrete have wooden ties
A sign with the directions of travel across from the platform
One end of the station house
Inside the waiting room without any furniture because the floor has just been replaced
The main part of the waiting area, no benches but plenty of outlets
The lone shelter with two TVMs and depot behind it
Sign for the station in front of the depot
Streetside of the depot
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