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Lyons is an important station on the Gladstone branch with a historic station house built in 1931 in the Tudor style and last staffed station on the line. It is also the newest station built by the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western in the state of New Jersey (and second to last overall). The station contains the only still open ticket office on the Gladstone Branch with an agent for one weekdays shift from 5:05am to 1:05pm. It is also the only ADA intermediate stop on the Gladstone Branch (between Galdstone and Summit) with a mini-high platform. Finally it is an important Park & Ride Station with a large parking lot with daily spaces and renovations and improvements occurring in 1998 (judging from the date of the station's public artwork).

The Tudor style station house is along the middle of a single side platform along the south side of the single track branch line. This building has a high gabled roof and cream walls and green trim. Inside is Whistle Stop Cafe with tables (with plastic chairs) in the middle of the waiting room and wooden benches along the walls. The ticket window is like an annex of the cafe. Along the platform outside the station house is a wooden canopy that extends for a couple of cars outside the station house. This canopy has wooden supports painted the same cream and green colored, is flat but has a slight angle going away from the track. Beneath it are two TVMs for purchases when the ticket office is closed. At the eastern end of the platform is the mini-high. It has a ramp and staircase up to it and a canopy in the same style and angle as the main canopy but is made of metal.

Access and parking lots at the station are geared toured the automobile. On the platform side of the tracks are about 100 permit parking spaces. These are all accessed from near the western end of the station via Lyons Road. South Finley Avenue has an underpass beneath the tracks just east of the station but there is no staircase or pedestrian access leading directly down to it. The Lyons Mall, a strip mall with a stop in shop is just beyond this lot but there is no direct pedestrian access to the train station.

The main parking lot (with about 244 spaces and daily prices $1.25 or $2 per day, non-residents allowed) is across the tracks from the main station. Two pedestrian grade crossings, one at each end of the platform, provide access to this lot. These crossings are mini full-grade crossing complete arms. Travelers' History Arch, 1998, by Lauren Ewing is in a small plaza at the eastern grade crossing. This arch is made of bronze and granite and has historical buildings cut out of the arch. The top of the arch has gold lettering. Arriving passengers heading to the parking lot are greeted with "Welcome" those going from the parking lot to trains see "Farewell" All legal access (passengers walk down the grassy slope to get to South Finley Avenue going down to its underpass) is from the end of the lot opposite the station with a driveway (that has a sidewalk) leading to the traffic light at intersection of Finley Avenue and Cross Road. Surprisingly there isn't a sign here for the station indicating this is the access road to the parking lot.
All Photos: 21 November, 2013

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Silverliner III #1338 leaves passing one gated pedestrian grade crossing
Silverliner III #1338 continues to leave
A Gladstone-bound trade fades into the distance
One end of the historic canopy structure
Modern signs hang down from the wooden platform canopy
There is an angled canopy connection from station house to the wooden platform canopy
Looking into the restaurant/ticket office
Hand Painted signs for the station's hours and the fact it will be closed on Thanksgiving
A hedge improves the view from the platform so it isn't just of a parking lot
Former baggage doors of the station house
The Tudor style station house
Doors into the station
Historical Plaque
The ticket window and tables of the restaurant inside the station
An ADA space
One side of the station house
Two TVMs by the station
One end of the station canopy
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