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The Bernardsville Depot was designed by architect Bradford Gilbert and built in about 1905 is a historic stone Richardson Romanesque Stone Station house with an attached wood framed canopy that extends out to cover a good portion of the station's low-level side platform, this canopy is painted a distinctive dark red color. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. The station was staffed by a ticket agent at least until the 1980s. Since then, most of the former station has been turned into the Bernardsville Depot Deli. For trains the station is located at a siding with trains taking the siding having to stop at a tiny boarding area where only one set of doors can be opened. The siding is used occasionally in regular service with a few regularly scheduled meets in the timetable. It is more often used a back-up siding during service disruptions when a Gladstone-bound train is running late with the siding at Far Hills normally where trains pass (including all weekend meets) in the off-peak timetable. A couple of Gladstone Branch trains that short-turn here making Bernardsville a terminus (particularly the first morning outbound train in the AP Peak period after the rush of inbound trains). The main track has a low-level side platform that can accommodate 6 cars. Surrounding the station are 126 parking spaces. A low, coursed rubble fence that enhances the historic nature of the station divides the parking lot from US-202 Morristown Road that is the Main Street through the village Center of Morristown. At the eastern end of the parking lot (beyond the end of the platform) is the grade-crossing of the dead-end Depot Place that leads to a transformer station and 20 overflow parking spaces.
All Photos taken on 30 May, 2014

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Arrow III #1329 leaves Bernardsville
Arrow III #1329 passes the short pedestrian crossing to the siding track
A Gladstone-bound train fades off into the distance
A nicely covered waiting area outside the depot
Signs on the exposed portion of the platform, the siding switches back before the platform ends
The crowded parking lot on a weekday afternoon
A signal for the siding on the platform
An older bike rack with bikes and signals for the siding
The brick station house with a wide roof
Outside the stone station house
Streetside of the depot
The sign at the entrance to the deli says The Bernardsville Depot
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