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Bloomfield Avenue is located in an open cut underpass beneath Bloomfield Avenue above. The station has two side platforms that have tiled walls that include a trimline of orange, purple and blue lines (NJT's colors inherited from the Public Service Commission that originally built the station). The stop is currently undergoing a reconstruction that will result in longer level boarding ADA compliant platforms and the building of an ADA elevator (to only the Grove Street-bound platform) with an ADA pedestrian crossing to the opposite platform. There will still be staircases directly down to both platforms.

On a 2011 visit each platform was accessed via a single staircase down from Bloomfield Avenue: The Penn Station platform from the south side and the Grove Street platform from the north side. There are the remains of former staircases from each platform to both sides of the street. As of 4pm Wednesday September 18 through Spring 2014 new staircases opened down to new portions of the platforms that have been rebuilt for level boarding and now passengers must remember to go to the opposite side of the street: Penn Station from the north side and Grove Street from the south side.
Photos 1-11: 6 July, 2011, 12-41: 28 October, 2013

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The station is under a goBus stop
Entrance for the cars to Penn Station
The sidewalk with the goBus stop
A car departs
The open portion of one of the platforms
This is a closed end of a platform that leads to a fenced off staircase
NJ LRV #106B leaves the station
A paper exit sign, the station is getting rebuilt and becoming ADA compliant
NJ LRV #103A leaves for Branch Brook Park
NJ LRV #103A keeps departing, passing a closed off portion of the platform
Construction around a staircase
Staircase to Grove St.
Its across from what was the open staircase for many years
The framework of a new elevator shaft I believe
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