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Tuxedo is the one Port Jervis Line Station that has an intact historic depot built in 1886 by the New York, Lake Erie, and Western Railroad Company that was restored in 2009. The depot is a wooden Victorian structure with windows containing colorful stained glass, and simple stained wood walls, designed to replicate the depots original appearance. Inside is one of the nicest waiting rooms on the Metro-North system owned (and maintained?) by the town, there are white walls, a carpeted floor, a simple wooden pew for waiting along with a flat screen cable TV that can be controlled by waiting passengers (the remote control is available). Wood etchings of trees by the late artist and tuxedo park resident Robert Bero (1941-2007) line the walls and were donated to the town by his estate. Restrooms are clean and along one wall. Other areas of the building are used for community space.

The depot is set back from the middle of the station's four-car low-level platform with just a simple yellow painted line. At each end of the platform (not to block the station house) are small canopy structures with black framework holding up green roofs with decorative lights hanging below to compliment the historic depot. There is also an older 1980s era Plexiglas-walled waiting shed with doors containing the station's two TVMs inside. A bench directly outside the depot has Erie engraved into its concrete sides. On each side of the depot are two small parking lots, only for village residents holding parking permits (costing about $185 a year). This small parking lot and the depot are directly along NYS-Route 17.

Most of the station's 245 parking spaces are nearly a 1,000 feet north of the station and reached by crossing the tracks on East Village Road north of the Station and heading towards the entrance down on Powerhouse Lane. A short staircase is also provided for slightly more direct access for pedestrians right next to the covered muni-meter that is the Parking Pay Station.

A final neat feature of the station is that the Ramapo Dunderberg Trail (red disks) from Harriman State Park starts directly at the Tuxedo Train station with .6 mile of walking on roads blazed before climbing into the park. Harriman State Park is large and complete with lean-too that the station is used by Hikers for overnight adventures.
All Photos taken on 4 June, 2013 on a visit by bicycle

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NJ Transit GP40PH #4200 attached to Metro-North Comet VI #6758 stops at Tuxedo leading a Port Jervis-bound train
Metro-North Comet V Cab Car #6704 brings up the rear of a Port Jervis-bound train
Metro-North Comet V Cab Car #6704 the rear of a Port Jervis-bound train crosses the grade crossing of East Village Road
ADA spaces along the Tuxedo platform although the lack of a mini-high platform and tactile warning strip make the station very un-ADA compliant
The 1980s era shelter with a door is still on the platform with the station's TVMs inside
Looking through the door with a sign for Grand Central's Centennial at the TVMs
An NJT Passenger Information Panel next to the TVMs with Metro-North service advisories
The northern canopied portion of the platform
A Tuxedo platform sign
The canopies are unique with brown framework
Directly outside the depot is a sign and a bench from different eras
A modern Metro-North sign and an older bench with Erie engraved in the concrete
Inside the waiting room with stained glass
The one pew bench for waiting passengers inside the waiting room
Plaque for the renovation of the Tuxedo Train station
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Port Jervis Line<Tuxedo
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