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Guilford is the one intermediate Shore Line East Station that had an overpass and second platform built along the northern Track 1. The new platforms opened on November 28, 2005. Service to the northern platform (Track 1) began effective with October 8, 2007 timetable. Now most of the reverse-peak express trains that formerly ran non-stop between Old Saybrook and New Haven stop at Guilford. Today the platform assignments at Guilford are indicated on the timetable with New Haven-bound morning trains stopping on Track 4, and afternoon-express trains stopping on Track 1. The reverse is true for Old Saybrook/New London Trains. The only audio/visual information given along each platform is the generic "Train Approaching Stand Behind Yellow Line" displays and recordings activated by every approaching train at this and every local intermediate stop between Boston and New Haven. These simply say "Welcome to Guilford" when a train isn't approaching. The stop is located on an area of the Northeast Corridor with 3 tracks, the northern platform is along a mainline track and south platform is along a siding. The siding track 4 isn't electrified yet (Shore Line East is a system operating diesels under wire) and would need to be to allow electric operations with M8s. Just east of the current platforms is a gate in the green fencing to a tiny wooden platform that leads out to the middle track (2) in case a train ever needs to stop there. A mobile-lift is positioned at the edge of the platform that would allow wheelchair access to a train stopping there. A note for Train 1638 includes that it has a slight pause at Guilford waiting for an Acela to pass.

With the 2005 opening of the new overpass station access is again provided at both ends of the tracks to each segment of Old Whitfield Street (that provides all access to the station) that was split into two by the closing of a grade-crossing and the opening of a bridge for the current Whitfield Street a short ways west of today's station many years ago. The southern side of the tracks has most of the station's parking in a lot that has a sign advising parkers that it its Prone to Flooding. A staircase (clearly older than the current station) leads down from the overpass of Whitfield Street down to the western end of the station's parking lot a ways beyond the platforms, and provided access from the parking lot to the Town Green north of the station for pedestrians via the overpass before the current pedestrian bridge opened.

The platforms themselves are different lengths: The south Track 4 platform can accommodate about four cars and has a fixed edge while the platform for Track 1 can only cover 1 car and has a platform edge that can retract to allow wider clearances for a freight train to pass the platform. The western ends of the platforms are at the same locations and canopies extend across the entirety of the platform for Track 1 (that is basically just at the bottom landing for the stairs and elevator up to the station's overpass) and half the length of platform 2. The railings of the platforms are all a dark blue color while the station's glass overpass and elevator shafts up to each end of it have a mixture of brick and white siding walls with plenty of windows. The elevators at each end of the overpass leads down to platform level along with an enclosed staircase that wends its way down to the level of the platform. Stairs and a ramp loops around to provide access off the platform and to street level at each side of the station. The underside of the roof of the overpass and canopies are all a brick color. Fire doors (that are normally left open) are at each end of the bridge level of the glass overpass in case of an evacuation. The station is a substantial enough structure (although without any enclosed areas) to require an actual fire alarm and suppression system.
Photos: 21 August, 2013

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GP40-2H #6694 pushes an Old Saybrook-bound train out
GP40-2H #6694 keep leaving Guilford on the diesel only not yet electrified siding track
Looking down on the wooden boarding area in case a train ever needs to stop on the middle track
The end of the platform, staircase down to the tiny low-level platform
The short track 1 platform only one car can stop!
The odd looking hinged on the track 1 platform is because it can retract up for wider freight trains
View out the window of the overpass
Looking out the window down on Track 1
The overpass has a wooden roof
Doors at the entrance to the overpass
Looking down on the tracks and catenary system (Track 1 needs wires) from the overpass
Going down to the station exit
The Yellow Line on Track 1 with the platform edge that can retract
Sign for Track assignments, the tracks switch around noon
A bench and left in the open bridge plate
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