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Clinton opened as a Shore Line East Station with the beginning of service in 1990. The station originally had the simple temporary design of a wooden platform and bus shelter. The current high-level platform opened on July 25, 2005, the first to open at the intermediate stations. It is located along the south side of the tracks and can accommodate about 3 cars. The northern half of the platform is canopied with blue beams holding up the canopy and is the color of all platform fencing. Here is a small windscreened and covered waiting area that extends back from the platform. It leads to one staircase down to the eastern end of the station's small parking area nestled between buildings and Main Street. The top of this covered area has Clinton in gold lettering along the white wall that covers the side of the small waiting area's gabled roof. The understory of the ceiling is wood offering something visual pleasing to look up at. In the middle of the roof is a cupola with a whether vane on it. At the western end of the platform is another staircase followed by the ADA ramp. The ADA ramp leads down to the narrow parking lot parallel to the tracks with a small intermediate landing (the parking lot is at a slightly lower elevation than the tracks) to a gate in the green fence that keeps trespassers out of the Northeast Corridor. Through this gate is a tiny concrete platform that leads to a level crossing across the south track to the north track in case single-tracking is occurring so Shore Line East Trains can still stop at the station.
Photos: 21 August, 2013

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A Shore Line East train (including Mafersa Car #1762) stops at Clinton
A side view of GP40-2H #6694 pushing an Eastbound Shore Line East train out of Clinton
GP40-2H #6694 pushes a Shore Line East train out of Clinton
GP40-2H #6694 keeps leaving Clinton
GP40-2H #6694 fades off into the distance
A sign, bench and eastern end of the platform
The staircase and an elevated area with fences to nowhere outside the little sheltered waiting area
Silver Clinton lettering on the roof of the sheltered area
The shelter with a weather vane is surrounded by concrete since it is at the level of the high-level platform
The Connecticut Commuter Rail weather vane
AEM7 #948 leads an Amtrak train not in the normal schedule towards the station
The last car of a Special Amtrak Train, is Amfleet-I #10001: Beach Grove
Amtrak Car #10001: Beach Grove with its observation platform fades off into the distance after passing through Clinton New England-bound
Amtrak Car #10001: Beach Grove fades off into the distance
The rear platform of Beach Grove is extremely distinctive as a special Amtrak train continued north
Beach Grove and the special train its in the rear of fades north
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Home<New York Metro Area<CT Rail<Shore Line East<Clinton
Shore Line East

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