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Pearl River is the most southern station in New York State on the Pascack Valley Line and is owned by Metro-North with all train service provided under contract to New Jersey Transit and run as through train service with stations in New Jersey except for two weekday peak direction and two weekend express trains in each direction that run non-stop from here to Secaucus Junction. These trains reduce the travel time from here to Secaucus to half an hour instead of 45-50 minutes (varies depending upon timed meets with other trains). The station is located just below the main town green with a canon. Most of the 357 parking spaces for the station are in a lot one block south of the station beyond the grade-crossing of Jefferson Avenue.

The stop has a single, short low-level side platform (accommodating 4 cars) on the eastern side of the single-tracked line. In the middle of the platform is a historic looking station house with grey walls and red supports holding up a gabled roof that extends beyond the building. Like many station houses on Metro-North this one has been turned over to private industry and is now Southbound, a restaurant and bar. On each side of the depot the station platform is covered by a modern, narrow red canopy held up by green support beams. Along the northern portion is a NJ Transit passenger information sign with Metro-North notices, a larger MTA notice panel and TVMs that have the unique MTA Metro-North Railroad NJ Transit Tickets text written above them. This end of the platform is the grade-crossing of Central Avenue. Although the crossing is located in New York State the information says to contact New Jersey Transit Police in the event of an emergency. The southern portion of the platform is smaller and there is a coke machine and a small silver Metro-North enclosure for more shelter at this end of the platform.
All Photos taken on 12 August, 2012 on a visit by bicycle

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Approaching the station beyond a large parking lot
The town oval across from the station
Pearl River, Metro-North and Southbound restaurant signage streetside of the depot
One side of the depot with dumpsters and the parking pay station
The older pay box pay station along with Pay By Phone
The southern end of the platform
The shelter at the southern end of the narrow platform
This shelter takes up the entire platform
ADA parking spaces along the platform although there is no wheelchair boarding
ADA spaces and the depot beyond this short section of canopy
The ramp into the restaurant is directly along the gently curving platform
The main entrance into Southbound along the platform
To Hoboken or Spring Valley? sings on the depot
A small bike rack on the platform in front of the depot
Two TVMs under a platform canopy
An NJT Passenger Information panel
A platform sign
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Home<New York<Metro-North<Pascack Valley Line<Pearl River
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