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Otisville is a simple low-level platform station on the Port Jervis Line. The stop is located on a 5 mile long siding, just east of the nearly mile long (5,314 feet) Otisville Tunnel that has a single-track and was built in 1908 to skip the original over-the-hill tracks. The tunnel portal is visible from the end of the station platform. The tunnel goes directly under the town center of Otisville, so the stop is about a half-mile east. The stop has a single two-car long low-level side platform. A small wooden platform and step allows passengers to board trains on the siding track. A number of meets are scheduled in the Otisville area so this board is used frequently. It is also a reason that in the early 2000s renovations of Port Jervis Line Stations that resulted in a number of mini-high platforms and paid parking, the stop just received new green lampposts, a newer silver waiting shelter (replacing a former black one that closer resembled a bus shelter), and no ADA improvements because the siding situation makes a mini-high impossible. The station amenities are just a silver shelter that includes the station's single TVM and two parking pay stations with their own shelter directly on the platform.

The station is along New York State Route 211, also known as Kelly Hill Road. The platform is at a small turn-off from the road with about 12 parking spaces abutting the platform. There is a larger lot across Kelly Hill Road (with a very short sidewalk along the driveway entrance but no crosswalk painted) with most of the station's 151 parking spaces.
All Photos taken on 7 September, 2015

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A train comes to a stop
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4907 pushes a Hoboken-bound train out of Otisville
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4907 leaves in a cloud of exhaust
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4910 pulls a Port Jervis Line train approaching the station
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4910 approaches the Otisville stop on the siding track
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4910 approaches the wooden boarding step on the siding track
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4910 comes to a stop
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4910 enters Otisville
Metro-North F40PH-3C #4910 stopped at Otisville
Passengers get off on the wooden step at Otisville
A Port Jervis Line train leaves the Otisville Station stop to proceed into the Otisville tunnel
Metro-North Cab Car #6701 brings up the rear of a Port Jervis-bound train approaching the tunnel
The tiny platform side near the platform
The shelter with one TVM
Two ADA spaces, these passengers still need to climb steps
There is a bike rack
The wooden crossing board for trains on the siding track
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Port Jervis Line<Otisville
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