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Middletown-Town of Wallkill (announced and listed as Middletown, NY on all ticketing and informational signage to avoid confusing the station with Middletown, NJ on the North Jersey Coast Line) is the one stop on the 1983 Port Jervis Line reroute from the former passenger main line to the more northern freight cutoff Graham Line to actually have a sidewalk at the short driveway station entrance that leads into the parking lot on the opposite side from the platform. The only thing nearby is Galleria Drive and a number of big box stores that would require long walks across parking lots; the nearest store is a Sam's Club. The Galleria Mall at Crystal Run is technically walking distance with only a third of a mile of walking on public streets but nearly three-quarters of a mile walk when the walk from the Metro-North platform to the nearest door into the mall is actually calculated (Done unscientifically using Google Earth). For motorists the stop is well served with easy access to both NYS-17 (Exit 120) and I-84 right near their interchange. The original Middletown Station in the middle of the city, built in 1896 and in use until 1983 survives (albeit now without railroad tracks) and is now in use as a library.

The stop originally opened with just a platform, tiny shelter and parking lot. In around 2000 work was done at the station with the extension of the platform to accommodate 8 cars. The low-level platform beings under the overpass of Galleria Drive (a staircase directly up to this overpass would provide a meaningful and short pedestrian connection to mall on the opposite side of the tracks) at the other eastbound end is the mini-high platform for wheelchairs with a simple ramp turquoise railings, a bench at the upper level but no canopy to protect these wheelchair passengers from the elements. The middle half of the platform is covered by a turquoise canopy structure. In the middle of the structure is a single silver waiting shelter with heat beneath a small white drawing of an old government building, perhaps Middletown City hall and ads a tiny bit of art to the station. Also under the structure are the station's New Jersey Transit TVMs and some Metro-North information panels. A second shelter, just beyond, covers meters for the stations electronic parking pay station. The platform leads directly out to the station's 750-space parking lot. The eastern third of the spaces are daily parking clearly designated with small wooden posts between each set of spaces with numbers on them for fee payment. The rest are permit parking, requiring a normally $250 permit that has been reduced temporarily to $25 to spur ridership and fill these never full station parking lots. The one entrance to the station is at the opposite end of the parking lot up to a traffic light at Galleria Drive.
All Photos taken on 28 June, 2015 on a visit by automobile

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The entrance road there is a sidewalk since the stop is suburbia with sprawling big box stores
Empty parking spaces on a Sunday
The parking lot is large, the platform small
The half of the parking lot with wooden posts between every set of spaces is for daily parking (the numbers are entered in pay stations), the closer sign is for the last row of permit parking (facing daily parking)
The long line of ADA spaces along the platform and near the exposed mini-high platform at one end
The ADA spaces are a ways from the parking pay station
Looking down the platform with teal posts holding up the long canopy
The platform is exposed with just lampposts towards the mini-high platform
The mini-high platform with a gap that requires a bridgeplate to let wider freight trains by
The view from the platform to the large parking lot
One end of the green canopy structure
A green painted recycling center
An emblem of a historic building in the center of the canopy adds some decoration
Coke machines and TVMs on the platform
The Parking Pay Station and Middletown/Town of Wallkill sign
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Port Jervis Line<Middletown/Town of Wallkill
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