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Noroton Heights is the secondary New Haven Line station serving in the town of Darien. Service to this station off-peak is every hour, with two-stop express service to Grand Central Terminal since the stop is the first one after Stamford. The stop just finished undergoing a $6.7 million project that replaced the concrete platforms with modern ones, including new black lampposts and railings and a new black shelter on the New Haven-bound platform. Both platforms also received new ADA accessible ramps, although the pedestrian bridge connecting the two platforms was untouched and is still stair only, giving the station accessible platforms only, with car pick-up and drop-off recommended and not non-full accessibility since wheelchairs would need to roll down nearby streets down to both platforms using non-ADA designed sidewalks.

The station has two high-level side platforms for the four track New Haven mainline that begin with staircases down from the Hollow Tree Ridge Road bridge and run east. The middle of the platform contains a pedestrian bridge that is enclosed with corrugated metal and painted tan, that was built in the early 1970s as part of the building of high-level platforms along the New Haven Line that resulted in the movement of the station location slightly. Windows from the bridge do offer views of the railroad tracks below. This design continues to the green and tan station house set along the Grand Central-bound platform, that resembles a lean-too. Streetside of the station building reads "Noroton Heights: New Haven Suburban Service" This station building contains a concession stand selling newspapers and coffee to morning commuters, a few simple benches for waiting and two small single occupancy restrooms, one ADA compliant.

The Grand Central-bound platform contains a canopy that begins outside this station house and runs for about half it's length. This platform leads out to a small driveway/drop-off area that continues to a parking lot east of the platform. Sidewalks lead across to Heights Road and Noroton Heights small business district.

The New Haven-bound platform has the station's main large parking lot nestled between the tracks and the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95). A single driveway provides all access from Hollow Tree Road with an additional driveway way east of the station to Noroton Avenue. Passenger amenities are a single modern black shelter from the stationcs platform restoration project.
Photos 1-45: October 6, 2018; 46: November 23, 2013

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Approaching the under construction station on the Grand Central-bound side
A Grand Central-bound train enters, viewed across the Jersey barrier along the platform
Looking over to the under construction portion of the Grand Central-bound platform
View of the still open (and not being rebuilt) 1970s pedestrian overpass
The Area between the overpass staircase and station house, currently with no platform outside
A car parked along the platform-less at the moment station house
Looking across to the normal drop-off area for the Grand Central-bound platform, now a confusing driveway through a construction site
Construction fencing and no Grand Central-bound platform
TVMs on the street outside the station house relocated to a stable location while the station is rebuilt
The ramp into the station house with a modern ramp
Inside the station house, a plywood wall is where the building normally overlooks the platform, there is a small seating area, and concession area in the back
An info sign in the station house
Door to the larger Accessible restroom
A narrower hallway past the water fountain to a second restroom
Looking down the ramp from the station house
A detour sign and the landing that normally serves the Grand Central-bound platform heading up to the pedestrian bridge
Looking into what should be the Grand Central-bound platform outside the station house, now construction debris
A plywood wall blocks access to the now, non-existent Grand Central-bound platform
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Noroton Heights
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