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Greystone is the most northern Metro-North Station in the city of Yonkers and one of the most scenic. The stop consists of two side platforms that can accommodate 8 cars along the four-track line. The platforms are connected by a pedestrian bridge near their southern ends. This enclosed bridge has an elevator and staircase down to each platform. The riverside New York-bound platform has a green canopy framework that covers nearly half the platform with windscreens along the southern half of it, near it's access bridge. The northbound platform just has a small canopy for less than one car near its extreme southern end near the platform entrance that doesn't provide covered access between the station entrance and covered staircase up to the overpass. The TVMs are directly along the Northbound

All access to the station is from the northbound platform a staircase at the southern end next to a ramp and a second staircase just beyond the southern end, under the footbridge. These lead down to a small entrance plaza just below the parking garage under to apartment towers, a small parking lot is just south of here. On the northern end of this loop covered by a bit of foliage is a white Glenwood Station sign similar to those found All access to the station is from Harriman Avenue that steeply wends its way uphill to Warburton Avenue, with some pedestrian steps through Hudson-Fulton Memorial Park providing more direct access (all streets have sidewalks).

A final amenity at the station is the Yonkers Riverfront Promenade and Fishing Access Site. This 'parkland' is a sliver of sidewalk between the New York-bound platform, and Hudson River, where there are also a number of trees. A small concrete fence and opening between the trees offers a lookout with a couple of Metro-North-style black benches facing the river. This new waterfront access site opened when the station was renovated around 2002 judging from the sign listing Pataki as the state governor. The one entrance is via a ramp with a gate down from the New York-bound platform.
Photos 1-9: 5 December, 2004; 10-59: 5 July, 2014

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Looking down Greystone station from the enclosed station overpass, the northbound platform is very crowded because of the Farewell to the ACMU fan trip.
ACMU Car #1180 at Greystone on the Farewell to the ACMU trip.
he staircase and elevator shaft to the overpass at Greystone on the northbound platform
ACMU Car #1180 at Greystone and the rest of the 7 cars on the Farewell to the ACMU trip
ACMU Car #1180 at Greystone on the Farewell to the ACMU trip
ACMU Car #1180 at Greystone on the Farewell to the ACMU trip viewed from the overpass to the inbound platform
Shoreline #6310 at the back of a Poughkeepsie-bound express bypasses Greystone and ACMU Car #1180.
ACMU Car #1180 at Greystone on the Farewell to the ACMU trip
A Platform sign at Greystone with the mighty Hudson in the background
Approaching the station, the only entrance with a drop-off loop
Approaching the platform entrance
The empty parking lot, its a Saturday Morning of 4th of July Weekend
No parking in front of the platform
The ancillary room trying to look older with cinderblock walls
The oddly placed Greystone Station sign at the end of the turnaround loop, not at its entrance
The second staircase entrance, under the underpass
Bridgeplates along the northbound platform
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Hudson Line<Greystone
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