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Glenwood is Metro-North Station in Yonkers known for the abandoned Yonkers Power Station between the station and the river. This power plant, a large brick building with tall smokestacks was built in 1907 for the electrification of the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad and has been abandoned since 1963. Construction has begun to conserve the power plant and turn it into an arts focused event complex like the Park Avenue Armory, while preserving the industrial feel, including the floor mounted rotaries [1]. Otherwise the stop is relatively minor since it lacks parking and serves just the surrounding area that is primarily apartment buildings. The Hudson River Museum in a former mansion is nearby and the platform signs have this has an attraction name. Base off-peak train service to the station is only hourly.

For trains, the station has two side platforms along the four-track line, each can accommodate 8 cars. These are slightly offset from each other for about two cars with the New York-bound platform north of the other. The station is accessed only at the foot of Glenwood Avenue at dead end with a small turnaround loop about 10 feet above the train tracks. Here there is a small brick historic station house only accessible from the street's turnaround loop and currently locked up and used by Metro-North it seems for storage or is under restoration. Looking inside are pallets of bricks. It has a Spanish tile roof. The station house is cantilevered over the northbound platform. Next to the historic station house is a short up staircase (about 15 steps) to the glassed in pedestrian bridge, and elevator with an intermediate landing for access to both platforms and down staircase adjacent to it that leads to the northbound platform. The station was renovated in the mid-2000s with the usual green as the color theme. The pedestrian bridge has a nice touch here with some bricked around windows at this end. The roof inside lined with wood (some of which has fallen off in an area) Along the bridge directly above the tracks are the station's TVMs. The bridge ends at another elevator shaft followed by a staircase down to the extreme southern end of the New York-bound platform, where a small canopy with a windscreen about two car-lengths. There is also a black enclosed shelter. The Croton-Harmon Bound platform has no cover except under the station house where it's over the platform and under the pedestrian bridge.
Photos 1-41: 13 June, 2008; 42-67 25 August, 2014; 68-99: 13 March, 2015

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Approaching Glenwood Station from the street the smokestacks of industry are visible in the background.
A view of an entrance up to Glenwood Station, an overpass up to the New York-bound platform and the TVM that is on that overpass. The now closed station building is also visible
A side view of the staircase up and over to the Manhattan-bound platform at Glenwood.
A sign at Glenwood at the station entrance above the staircase to the overpass up and over to the New York track and the ticket machine.
The main station elevator at Glenwood. It has three different landings, the top one for the overpass, a middle one at street level for exit access and a lower landing for the Croton-bound platform.
Looking off the overpass and down the tracks at Glenwood.
A sign at the end of the wood paneled overpass for the To New York platform at Glenwood.
The now closed station house at Glenwood overhangs the To Croton-Harmon platform.
A platform sign at Glenwood with the subsign for the Hudson River Museum underneath it.
Another view down the track way at Glenwood, a parking garage is the main backdrop for the northern end of this platform.
M7A #4193 leads a Croton-Harmon local train to its station stop at Glenwood.
Dual-mode Genesis P32AC-DM Locomotive #708 leads Train #49 the westbound Lake Shore Limited with a final destination of Chicago towards Glenwood.
P32AC-DM #708 and the rest of the Lake Shore Limited approach Glenwood.
The Lake Shore Limited continues into Glenwood to overtake M7a #4216 the last car of a Metro-North local train stopped at Glenwood.
The three Viewliner Sleepers of the Lake Shore Limited and the baggage car bypass Glenwood as the train is just beginning its 18 hour journey to Chicago.
Two cars of private varnish attached to the back of the Lake Shore Limited behind its four Amfleet II Coaches, Horizons Cafe car, Heritage dining car and 3 Viewliner Sleepers. One is stainless steel and blends in with the rest of the train, the other is painted bright red and says Pullman on it.
A Pullman car of private varnish and the rest of the Lake Shore Limited overtakes a Metro-North local train bound for Croton Harmon with M7a #4216 the last car of that train.
Amtrak P32AC-DM Genesis Locomotive #711 and a southbound Empire Service Train bypass Glenwood
The back of a three car southbound Amtrak Empire Service train with 3 Amfleet I coaches and a Amfleet 1 Business class food service car bypassing Glenwood.
Looking down To New York platform at Glenwood.
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Last Updated:14 March, 2015 1: C.J. Hughes, "Converting a Run-Down Power Plant," The New York Times, June 3, 2014 Link
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