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Dobbs Ferry is a Hudson Line Station that was completely renovated between 2004 and 2008. The station originally had an overpass structure directly north of the historic 1889 stone station house, but the new overpass is north of here. Primary access to the Northbound platform was originally provided by a ramp up to Station Plaza through the concrete wall this platform is beneath, this ramp was closed and partially removed (remains are only visible if you know where to look) during the renovation.

The station is a normal, local Hudson Line Station with two side platforms for the four-track line. The platforms all have the normal, modern but trying to look old fashioned green lampposts and pillars holding up the canopies that run for nearly the entire length of the Northbound platform but only about have the length of the Southbound platform between the overpass and the historic depot. The station is located along the Hudson River with a 576-space residents only parking lot and Waterfront Park between the station and the river along the outer, Grand Central-bound platform. A narrow overpass for High Street (barely with a sidewalk) provides the only vehicle access (with a helix) to this parking lot and waterfront park and is just south of the end of the station platforms.

The stone depot, with a highly gabled roof (and remaining chimneys) is along the west, Track 4 Southbound platform. Metro-North maintained a ticket office here open during weekday mornings for one shift until 2007. Inside is the remains of a waiting room and the station is currently occupied by the Water Front Express Coffee Stand. A neat feature is a small are extends from the depot over the adjacent roadway that was once clearly a covered drop-off area. The island platform becomes narrower and has an extremely high fence (before the renovation it was a low two height fence) between the platform and the depot. Access to this platform is provided by a number of staircases and ramps between from the parking lot up to the platform.

The overpass structure with the modern green windows and TVMs is nearly at the northern end of the platforms. Access up to it is complicated. An elevator (with three landings, the bottom for the parking lot are middle one for the Track 4 Southbound platform, and top for the overpass) as well as one staircase provides access. At the other, northbound platform end of the overpass, two staircases lead down to the Northbound platform. A quite short staircase leads down and the platform elevator has an intermediate landing at the station's main entrance into the town of Dobbs Ferry itself. This is through a set of modern doors. This is along a street Google calls Station Plaza (that runs on the top concrete viaduct above the actual station) where it intersects Palisade Street. A secondary staircase (covered) leads up from the outbound platform near where the top of the previous overpass once arrived at station plaza.
Photos 1-9: 25 April, 2005; 10-74: 21 October, 2013

Art For Transit at 

Arts For Transit at Dobbs Ferry

Floating Auriculas, 2007
Glass Mosaic
By Nancy Blum

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Looking down to the Dobbs Ferry Station from a local street Hudson River
The ramp down to the outbound platform at Dobbs Ferry
Looking down Dobbs Ferry from the overpass
Shoreliner cab-car #6305 at the front of New York bound express bypassing Dobbs Ferry
Genesis P32AC-DM #212 pushing a New York bound Express bypassing Dobbs Ferry
A plaque on the outbound platform at Dobbs Ferry
A platform sign on the inbound platform with the Hudson River in the background
A Croton-Harmon bound local M7 enters Dobbs Ferry
A Croton-Harmon bound local M7 enters Dobbs Ferry
Approaching the renovated station, outside is the local town shuttle
The new main street entrance
The gated off remains of the ramp that originally led down to the northbound platform
The short staircase up (for all passengers) from the main street entrance
Staircase down to the northbound platform
P32AC-DM #703 pulls a northbound Empire Service Train
P32AC-DM #703 continues through Dobbs Ferry
At one end of the overpass
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