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Ardsley-on-Hudson is a relatively minor stop on the Hudson Line that receives base service hourly and is skipped by the every half-hour semi-express trains. It is named Ardsley-on-Hudson to distinguish it from the village of Ardsley that is a few miles east of the Hudson River station and had a stop on the now defunct (and turned into the South County and North County Trailways) Putnam division. The station is directly on the banks of the Hudson River with the New York-bound platform hugging the rocks offering excellent river views to waiting passengers. The station has two side platforms for the four-track line and was completely rebuilt between 2004 and 2008 with the normal, modern Hudson line green railings and lampposts. The rebuilding included adding a completely new overpass structure slightly south of the original structure which originally went directly into the historic station building. The renovation made the station ADA compliant with the new overpass having an elevator and a single staircase down to each platform. This overpass is the only way to access the Hudson side New York-bound platform and it contains the TVMs. The platforms are also canopied for about a third of their lengths with the canopies offset from each other (the one on the New York-bound platform is more south) and only the New York-bound platform has a glass windscreen in the canopy to provide some protection from the wind coming off of the Hudson.

Along the middle of the Croton-bound platform, just slightly behind it, is a historic 1900 station house. This two story wooden building is in the Tudor style with extremely high gabled roofs and an odd circular steeple. It is now mainly a Post Office with extremely limited hours and some P.O. Boxes that keep the building open throughout the day. A staircase has a small paper sign on it that there is no access to trains up these stairs. The previous overpass connected directly with the building. Across from the post office area is a double-sided fireplace in the middle of the room and a small waiting area with a couple of benches. There is a single restroom plus a Metro-North schedule panel making it seem like they control the space. This platform is along the station's small 143-space parking lot that extends up the access roads on each side of the lot and across from it is an apartment building. Hudson Road loops down to provide all access to the station becoming Ardsley Avenue after passing the station. The station's attraction name (it is on a white sign beneath the main signs) is Mercy College and their campus is accessed via a pedestrian path from Ardsley Avenue just south of the station.
Photos 1-8: 5 December, 2004, 9-76 16 October, 2013

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ACMU Car #1180 at Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Fairwell to the ACMU trip
ACMU Car #1180 at Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Fairwell to the ACMU trip.
ACMU Car #1180 at Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Fairwell to the ACMU trip
Has the quiet Ardsley-on-Hudson station ever been this crowded especially with photographers? I don't think so.
ACMU Car #1180 at Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Fairwell to the ACMU trip
ACMU Car #1180 at Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Fairwell to the ACMU trip
ACMU Car #1180 and Shoreliner #6309 on a Grand Central-bound express bypassing Ardsley-on-Hudson
New Haven Line Genesis P32AC-DM #321, on the back pushing a Grand Central-bound express train south Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Hudson Line.
A Croton-Harmon-bound M7A Local train leaves
The overpass has been replaced, now with windows and modern stairs
Shoreliner #6101 leads a southbound, bypassing diesel train in push mode
P32 #219 brings up the rear, pushing a southbound Shoreliner Train south
Beneath the underpass structure and the historic station house
The platform in front of the historic station house
The overpass structure in front of the station
The normal Track 4 platform for New York is directly on the rocks of the Hudson
P32AC-DM #704 pulls the #49 New York section of the Lake Shore Limited starting its journey through Hudson
P32AC-DM #704 and its Amfleet II cars continue through Hudson
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