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Cold Spring station has two high-level side platforms for the two tracked Hudson Line. These platforms were built in the 1990s at the end of the MTA's high-platforming everything crusade. The edges of the platforms have black railings. In the middle of the platforms is a black and glass walled enclosed pedestrian bridge with a staircase and elevator down to each platform. Just north of this overpass Lunn Terrace passes over the platforms. This is the only road access to the waterfront district (and the stations parking lot). For waiting passengers the New York City-bound, southbound platform has a simple flat-roofed canopy that covers about two cars and this is where the station's TVMs are. Northbound passengers are left out in the bare; no canopies. For access the southern end of the New York-bound platform has the main station entrance with a ramp down and staircase to the station's parking lot with 223 space parking lot that is long and narrow and extends south. The Poughkeepsie-bound platform is along trees, across from here at its southern end is a clearly added later ramp that leads down to nature trails into the West Point Foundry Preserve on a former ironwork.

The northern ends of the high-level platforms become low-level paths (the Poughkeepsie-bound platform a ramp, the New York-bound platform a staircase) that were the former low-level platforms and lead about 300 feet to the foot of Main Street. Main Street was grade separated here in 1929, being split into two as 1929 is engraved in the brick with glass portals to each side of the steps down to the pedestrian tunnel. This tunnel is still open and very much in use with indirectly lit concrete walls. The portal on the southbound side of the tracks has a green sign for To Upper Village. The portal along the Poughkeepsie-bound platform has a rusting sign that says Subway to New York Trains. There is a modern green sign that says To River. On this side of the tracks there is also a similar brick enclosure (probably a replica) that houses a window for the Cold Spring Chamber of Commerce and public restrooms. Just north of here along the Poughkeepsie-bound tracks is the large 1893 train station. This brick station ceased to serve the railroad in 1954 and after a stint as a car dealership (wondering how that went) in 1972 the Cold Spring Depot Restaurant and Tavern opened in the former depot. Adjacent to the building along the tracks is a beer garden. The menu board has a Cold Spring sign above it.
All Photos taken on 5 July, 2014

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A Cold Spring platform sign
Shoreliner #6111 stops at the rear of a Poughkeepsie-bound train
The southern end of the northbound platform is a ramp into the Garrison Foundry Preserve
Sign on the ramp to West Point Foundry Preserve
The ramp off to the Grand Central-bound platform to the station parking lot
The lower landing of the pedestrian bridge
The lower elevator landing
The black framework of the pedestrian bridge
Ramp off the northern end of the Poughkeepsie-bound platform to the original low-level platform
Leaving the high-level platforms
The walkways on the former low-level platforms lead to town
Reaching plantings by the portals to the still open underpass at the foot of Main Street
A rusty sign for Subway To New York Trains
One side of the brick portal
The To River Brick Portal at the foot of Main Street
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<Hudson Line<Cold Spring
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