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Beacon is the first full service station in Dutchess County (Breakneck Ridge technically is). The station is an important destination for commuters living on both sides of the Hudson both in Dutchess County and northern Orange County across the river via the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge. All of these commuters, many from across the river provided a major parking shortage in Beacon (and traffic jams on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, I-84) and caused the MTA to begin a second Ferry Rail Link (in addition to the Haverstraw-Ossining Ferry farther south) from Newburg to Beacon on October 17, 2005. The ferry operates during rush hours only costing $1.75 one-way (or $13 a month), a much cheaper option for Orange County commuters than parking in Beacon and also paying the daily toll on the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge (only $1.25 with EZ-Pass, $1.50 cash). There is also all day connecting bus service across the bridge (operated by Leprechaun Lines) on the Newburgh-Beacon Shuttle that runs all the way to Stewart Airport. The station is a popular draw for day trippers from New York City due to Beacons well known arts scene and the Dia:Beacon that is about a third of a mile south of the station. Metro-North offers a one day getaway package to the Dia.

The station itself is in an area that once had four tracks and is today down to only 3. The station was renovated in the late 1980s/early 1990s and has a single high-level island platform that can accommodate 6 cars between Tracks 2 and 1 (the two closest to the river). The third track (track) has also a 6 car long high-level platform that was clearly added as a temporary afterthought because it is completely made of wood with wood pilings holding up the platform and is along the southern side of the parking lot nearly completely offset from the lot. It's only amenity for waiting passengers is a bus shelter and lacks signs. There is a line of simple florescent lights that are a staple of older and temporary Metro-North platforms. At a couple of the staircases up to it are "No Trespassing signs" (not all) and Trains Do Not Depart from this platform signs. It does also have a ramp up from the parking lot. A neat feature along it is an old New York Central mile marker stone for 59. The platform is built upon a paved like a sidewalk area that I assume is the original low-level platform.

The regular island platform has a canopy except for its northernmost car. It's made of concrete but old enough that it lacks the now mandatory tactile warning strip. A canopy covers the entire platform except its northernmost car. This canopy is of a previous generation (all the new ones on the Hudson Line are green) and is flat with a light brown framework holding it up. Beneath this canopy on the platform are the station's TVMs scattered about, there is also the Beacon Coffee Shop in a small blue building located directly on the platform and open all day, not just during the morning commute hours. For waiting passengers there are two, silver, glass enclosed waiting areas with doors and heat. Exits from the island platform are at either end. At the northern end is an overpass that leads across the eastern two tracks only to the main parking lot east of the station. This overpass is fully enclosed with a black roof and translucent walls with black framing.

At the opposite southern end of the platform is the main underpass. This underpass has a staircase at one end and an elevator (in a brick shaft) at the extreme southern end of the platform. Inside are cinderblock walls and an abandoned looking storefront that was once a concession or perhaps a ticket office? The walls are decrepit and cinderblock. This overpass provides access to both sides of the tracks. The west, riverside has only a staircase that requires riders to go up an extra four steps and then come back down. I assume this is to combat possible flooding since the station is on the banks of the Hudson River. The staircase has a flat roofed canopy. This is also the connection to the ferry. The opposite end has a ramp (with stairs to bypass portions of the ramp) up to the main east parking lot arriving beneath an arched glass canopy. At each entrance to the underpass above on the side of its canopy is a curved black welcoming sign with white text that Says Beacon Station with a curved top and Metro-North Railroad written in blue above.

The Waterfront side of the station has a small amount of the station's parking and is only accessed for cars via a single bridge for Long Dock Road that crosses the tracks just south of the southern end of the station. The minimal parking on this side is dedicated to recreational uses on weekends with some spots reserved for cars with trailers since there is a boat launch. The ferry departs from an extremely simple and long wooden dock that leads to a series of two gangplanks and floats with no amenities except a single tent for waiting passengers. The ferry dock is in a plaza directly across from the underpass exit with a clear crosswalk. Pavers in the plaza spell out Beacon that is a nice touch for commuters making the boat to train transfer.

The eastern side of the tracks has the majority of the station's 1,430 parking spaces a mix of daily (always full) and permit spaces with a waiting lists. These parking are accessed by a driveway down (it goes downhill with a sidewalk) from Beekman Street towards the southern end of the lot and from Main Street towards the northern end. The entrances each have a nice (and quite unusual for Metro-North) touch of a freestanding Beacon Station sign similar to the two on the entrances to the underpass held up by tall brick columns.
All Photos taken on 18 November, 2013

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Two trains of Shoreliners stop in the station at the same time at the island platform
P32AC-DM #215 pushes a Grand Central-bound Express Train out of the station
P32AC-DM #215 keeps leaving
I Love NY Lower Hudson Valley Is Back ad, although were already in the Lower Hudon Valley
The overpass at the northern end of the platform
A platform sign and the Hudson River across the station's parking lot
The Beacon Coffee Shop is directly in the middle of the platform
The third track has this extra temperary platform
The enclosed silver and glass waiting area
The wooden temperary platform
The staircase to the main underpass off the platform
A NY 59 Milestone
The elevator to the pedestrian tunnel at the southern end of the platform
The tunnel portal to the parking lot has the wooden platform in front of it
Going Down to the tunnel, every from of connecting transit, Bus, Taxi, Airport (bus to Stewart Airport) and the ferry to Newburgh
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