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Mattapan is a multi-modal station and where the trolley barn is that stores and maintains the PCCs used by the High-Speed Line are. It is also a major bus terminal and transfer point. The stop has a complicated track pattern with terminating outbound cars discharging to a side platform, shared with a bus loop. Cars then reverse on a loop that provides additional switches to the loops into the couple of storage tracks and barn of the yard. To reenter service there is an island platform for two tracks that can serve trains simply reentering service or entering from the yard. These tracks, beyond the station, switch to become one for the inbound track. There is a second bus loop opposite this island platform with more stop bays. Booth of these platforms are fully canopied with red beams and a translucent roof. At the east end of the station beyond the loops is a building that houses offices such as the transit police. Walking along this building from the square formed by Blue Hills Pkwy, River St, and Cummins Highway along the busway is the main way to access the station. There is also access from Gillespies Lane and the stations 100 parking space lot.
All photos taken on 28 June, 2011

The outbound discharge only platform as passengers wait for buses
A walkway across the tracks for the inbound island platform for Boston
A platform sign: the direction is not inbound just Boston, although the stations located inside of it
PCC #3262 in the station yard
The two inbound tracks
An inbound platform sign
The outbound platform bus loop
PCCs in the small yard
The main building and decorative arch at the main station entrance
Home<Boston MBTA<Mattapan High-Speed Line<Mattapan
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