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Capen St is a station on the Mattapan High Speed Line and is the location of one of two grade crossings on the line, where Capen Street (a street of multiple sections, here just a short no outlet street running to a few houses in a bend in the creek the Mattapan Line is following) crosses the tracks. Just beyond the stop the line crosses the creek to reach its terminus in a much more urban area of shops. The stop itself is simple, with the exposed outbound platform just east of the intersection consisting of a sign, help kiosk, pavement with a tactile warning strip along the track, and wooden ramp for ADA access. The eastbound platform is offset on the west side of the intersection and looks just like the westbound except it also has a simple metal canopy structure covering a platform bench. This means for both directions trolleys stop at the station before crossing the intersection. The stop has the standard T circle on one of the pantograph poles at the crossing. The grade crossing has no safety equipment except for a single wooden railroad crossing sign.
All photos taken on 28 June, 2011

Outbound PCC #3254
The outbound platform
The inbound platform has the T symbol and a canopy
The ADA ramp on the outbound platform
Approaching the very lightly used grade crossing and the station
Home<Boston MBTA<Mattapan High-Speed Line<Capen St
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