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Today the Mattapan High-Speed Line reverses at Ashmont just south of the open-cut but covered Red Line terminating platforms requiring passengers to walk up stairs (or use elevators) to reach the high speed line with a single modern platform with a full-length canopy structure and mini-high platform (the one here is the only one on the line that is concrete) along its single reversing loop south of all the bus loops, on a bit of a viaduct structure to pass over the leads into the red line's train yard. The wall of the platform is a strange opaque but allowing light in wall. Passengers are expected to pay again or tap their Charlie Cards (for a free transfer) when boarding the trolleys, although many simply enter through the back door and don't, this seems to be tolerated by the operators since most passengers are transferring.

This existing station configuration is new, until the line was closed for refurbishment (and the station extensively rebuilt) from June 24, 2006 to December 22, 2007, trains shared platforms with the respective side platforms for red line trains with inbound cars discharging their passengers on the inbound red line platform and outbound cars receiving passengers from the outbound red line platform.
Photos 1-8 taken on June 28, 2011; 9-17: August 2, 2021

Home<Boston MBTA<Mattapan High-Speed Line<Ashmont/Peabody Sq.
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