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Woodland is home to a brand-new transit oriented development of the luxury Arborpoint Apartments. These are across from the station's outbound platform with just an access road in between where until just recently a large park & ride lot once was. This parking lot has been replaced with a garage of 548 spaces including overnight parking for $7.00 a night, $6 a day, slightly more than nearby stations. Beacon Street still retains a staircase entrance down to the outbound platform as well from its overpass just west of the station. The two station side platforms have also been extensively renovated with a modern glass bench/canopy structure and a glass and steel bus stop type enclosure on the inbound platform in addition to the Charlie TVM enclosure. They have modern tactile warning strips and a mobile-lifts on each platform for ADA compliancy.
All photos taken on 16 December, 2011

Type-7 LRV #3675 starts leaving
Where to wait? Two different enclosures on the inbound platform
The mobile-lift on the outbound platform
Woodland Station, the new transit oriented development
The new passenger drop-off area
The walkway to the station
The sign at the old pedestrian entrance to the parking lot now TOD still stands it's direction is for a hospital
The main street entrance to the path to Woodland
The T-post and ad for the new luxury apartments that have been built at the station
Home<Boston MBTA<Green Line<Woodland
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Last Updated: 22 December, 2011
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