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Warren Street is located on a bit of a gentle curve and its two platforms are on each side of the intersection with Warren Street and trains stop before crossing the intersection. The platforms differ significantly: The outbound platform is just a small sidewalk with a yellow tactile warning strip, and is on the same block as the inbound platform for Allston St. The inbound platform also includes a 3-wide rusting metal shelter with white plastic dome roofs typical of bus shelters. There is also a jersey barrier along this middle portion of the platform with entrances at each end.
All photos taken on 16 December, 2011

An inbound train comes ooking across to the renovated station platforms
Type-7 #3865 comes to a stop at the back of an Inbound train
Type-7 #3865 stops
Type-7 #3865 stops and prepares to leave at the back of an Inbound train
The Jersey barrier along the curved Inbound platform
The narrow platform shelter
The wider crosswalk end of the platform and first car stop here sign
A passenger enters the Inbound platform
Looking across to the narrow curved Outbound platform
A full view of the curved Outbound platform
Passengers on the curved outbound platform
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Last Updated: 30 December, 2011
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