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St. Mary's (Street) is the first stop immediately after 'C' Branch trains leave their tunnel portal and run up to the surface in the median of Beacon Street. It is also just beyond the city line and most of the staiton is in the city of Brookline. The stop stop is St. Mary's Street on maps, announcements, and the website but a single small sign on each platform says just St. Mary's. The stop has real substantial platforms with tactile warning strips that are fenced in except at designated crosswalks. Each also has a modern canopy with a glass windscreen and bench. There is a curve through the station so the fronts of each platform are much wider than their rears. For ADA compliancy the inbound platform has a wooden ramp at its rear, the outbound gets a mobile-lift. For access each platform has a single separate crosswalk just east of St. Mary's Street that doesn't go all the way through because the tunnel portal blocks it.
All photos taken on 16 December, 2011

The rear of the tunnel portal in the middle of Beacon Street
Approaching the inbound platform
Notice the gentle curve of the tracks through the station
One of the waiting shelters
Station sign
The mobile-lift for the outbound platform
Looking into the tunnel portal
Newspaper boxes by a station entrance
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