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Fairbanks Street Station is one of two located in the portion of Beacon Street where the two roadways are on different elevations due to a hill. The station is along the lower eastbound roadway and has two simple side platforms with yellow paint safety lines. The inbound platform also has a bus shelter and an entrance via a crosswalk to the SW corner of Fairbanks and Beacon Streets. The outbound platform has a long staircase up to the upper roadway of Beacon Street and a crosswalk at the T-intersection with Lancaster Terrace. This staircase has an electronic wheelchair lift platform up to the top of the hill. The steps are also dedicated to someone, a name is engraved in the top step. (I only noticed when I was going through my photos after visiting.)
All photos taken on 16 December, 2011

A The Ride van parked along one of the platforms
The two slightly offset simple platforms
The staircase up to the westbound lanes of Beacon Street and level crossing
The staircase up to the westbound lanes
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Last Updated: 23 December, 2011
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