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Nassau Blvd is a stop on the two-track grade-level Hempstead Branch. The stop is located in a residential neighborhood with the grade crossing of Nassau Blvd to the east of the station's two side platforms. The stop has some parking along each platform along fittingly named North Street (the New York-bound platform) and South Street (the Hempstead platform). North Street has more of a parking lot with a portion of it even paved with bricks. Each platform has quite a few staircases and an ADA wheelchair ramp. They are slightly offset due to station house along the New York platform. This station house is historic and was built in 1907 if the restored tiling on its floor is correct. The waiting room has turquoise walls with wooden accents and was restored in 2005. There are restrooms and the Newsstation, a newsstand inside it. Outside it has a high gabled roof and even a weathervane. It is wooden with some lower bricks visible. The walls are cream colored. It causes the New York high platform that is just a narrow platform with a single additional shelter as the only other furniture to begin beyond the station house and the grade crossing with Nassau Blvd. The Hempstead high platform begins right at the intersection. It has a tiny kiosk that is a taxicab company. It also has a small metal bus-type but bigger shelter. There is a pedestrian underpass accessed via steps which are sheltered in the style of the station house entrances that provides an additional passageway between the tracks.
All photos in this section taken on 4 January, 2011

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