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Massapequa Park was the final station to be rebuilt as part of the three decades long grade-separation project of the Babylon Branch and the concrete elevated station on wide concrete supports finally opened on December 13, 1980. A temporary station replaced the original Massapequa Park station in 1966; in 1968 it received high platforms for the M1. Finally a new temporary station was built to the South of the old one in December 1977 along a temporary track alignment for the grade crossing elimination project until today's station opened in 1980. This opening was shortly before the New York State and then national versions of the ADA act were passed so the new station was built without an elevator. The platform has a long full-length canopy held up by large concrete supports with more modern black square light fixtures not found at any other Babylon Branch station. The station is just north of the Sunrise Highway with a small parking lot between it and the station. Front Street runs along the northern side of the station.

The western end of the station passes over Park Blvd just before ending and from the parking area just west of Park Blvd is where the first platform staircase is. This staircase (and all at the station) arrives clad in brick and with a small windscreen around the steps. The next means of access isn't until about a third of the way down the platform where the combined staircase/up escalator arrives at the platform. The base of this escalator is directly in front of the stations brick station house, and specifically a newsstand that faces the exterior and outside. The entrance to the waiting room from the north along Front Street has an odd, clearly added later green awning shelter with windscreens and the MTA logo and tickets and information written in gold. Black lettering says Massapequa Park and Long Island Railroad on the concrete above the station house. Inside the main waiting room is the former ticket office although the black lettering that says Tickets has been removed since the ticket office is now closed. There are now just a few benches and some restrooms. It is open on Weekdays only from 6:00am to 2:00pm. The on platform, enclosed shelter is directly above the station house. This shelter has two benches, a tiled floor and brick walls. Continuing down the platform there are three more staircases off it. The first one is quite close to the station house. The final ones are near the eastern end of the platform where Carol Drive ends at the Sunrise Highway south of the station and 6th Avenue ends north of the station.
All Photos taken on 21 September, 2012

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