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Lynbrook is a four track LIRR Station, elevated on a concrete viaduct with two island platforms. The Long Beach Branch splits away from the Montauk (Babylon Branch) just beyond the station platforms (the split of the viaduct is clearly visible), there are now switches beyond the station. All switching between the two lines must be done at the Valley Interlocking, where the Far Rockaway and West Hempstead Branches also join together before Valley Stream. This means all Long Beach Branch trains stop at the southern island Platform B and Babylon Branch trains stop at the northern Platform A. The tracks on both lines are labeled 1 and 2 (operationally this station is on two different branches, it just so happens to be at the same place on both lines) so the next train monitors say A1 or B2 for track locations. Train service to the station is generally from two trains per hour in each direction. The hourly Long Beach Branch Train plus an hourly Babylon Branch train (off peak service on the Babylon Branch is two trains per hour in each direction, only one train per hour stops at Lynbrook). The elevated platforms are also different lengths Platform A can accommodate 12 car trains while Platform B only ten cars, this is the maximum number of cars for all stations on the Long Beach Branch. The difference is at the western end of the station where Platform A extends across the overpass of Peninsula Blvd while Platform B ends before it. For timetable purposes all service to the station (including Babylon Branch trains) is included in Long Beach Branch timetable. Babylon Branch timetables also include this station with a Note with only their trains that actually stop.

Our tour of the platforms begins at the platform's eastern end, here a staircase leads up from the west side of Broadway's underpass to a small canopy with blue support beams. This is also where a parking lot begins directly beneath the station as the line is parallel to the Sunrise Highway (just south of it). There is additional parking is other lots scattered around. There is a gab of a few cars before the main platform canopies (of the same blue support designs) begin. There is first an elevator up to each platform from street level. This is followed by a staircase with an up escalator only to the Long Beach Branch's Platform B. Next is an enclosed shelter on each platform. These shelters have grey cinerblock walls with accents of blue and a few benches. Located at street level in the center of Station Plaza beneath the station is the main waiting room and station house. This waiting room has an open ticket office for one morning shift during Mondays and Thursdays only, restrooms, and a Royal Cafe a morning coffee stand. There are also a few wooden benches in this relatively modern building (clearly renovated since) from a 1938 grade separation project that build today's station. There is finally another shorter gap in the canopies along the platforms before arriving to another canopy that only serves to cover a staircase and one from each platform leads down to the end of the parking lot beneath the viaduct and Ross Plaza. The eastern ends of the platforms are left exposed to the elements interrupted by lampposts.
Photos 1-8 taken on 7 September, 2005, 9-27 on 9 June, 2006, 28-63 on 1 March, 2013

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Home<New York<Long Island Rail Road<Babylon Branch<Lynbrook
Home<New York<Long Island Rail Road<Long Beach Branch<Lynbrook
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