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Lindenhurst is an elevated Montaulk/Babylon Line Station on a concrete guideway that opened on August 7, 1973 replacing the former street-level line. It is the eastern most of the three stations to be moved that day onto a new five-mile elevated structure eliminated 11 grade crossings. The stop was renovated in the early 2000s although an elevator wasn't installed making the station not ADA compliant. The station has an island platform that can accommodate 10 cars for the two-track line that has a full-length canopy with single metal supports holding up a concrete roof. The station has parking beneath it and is parallel to the main lanes of East Hoffman Avenue just south of the line with a smaller street also named East Hoffman Avenue just north of the line. The platform runs from the between Travis and Smith Street (only Travis Street passes under the ROW directly west of the station, Smith ending) at the western end of the station to between Pennsylvania Avenue (the only street to properly cross under the station) and Alleghany Avenue. A staircase leads up to each end of the platform.

In the middle of the platform is a station house nestled beneath the ROW renovated in the early 2000s. The modern station house has reddish concrete walls with replicas of the old LIRR Keystone logo. Inside is a small waiting area with yellow tiled walls that and signs in the windows claims is open from 4:30am to 10:00pm Weekdays but was locked closed when I visited in 2013 around 4:30pm on a Friday. Inside are a few benches, restrooms and a former ticket office closed for good. Black lettering says Lindenhurst and Long Island Rail Road on the sides of the elevated structure. Above the platform are the same red walls on the exterior with simple silver windows and two black benches. On the east side of the station houses is a staircase and the west side has a staircase/up escalator that arrives in the platform surrounded by plastic windows. This narrow escalator needs replacement and on March 13, 2012 Irene Bernatzky an 88-year-old woman was killed when she slipped on the escalator and strangled to death by her clothing that got tangled in it.
All Photos taken on 8 November, 2013

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