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Freeport is a standard Babylon Branch Station with two tracks and one island platform that was elevated onto a concrete viaduct by concrete octagonal columns in October 1960. The station is an important stop on the Babylon Branch (and the terminus of some peak direction rush hour trains). It is the one intermediate stop between Jamaica and Babylon on a number of express trains whose primary purpose is to connect with Montauk branch scoot service (generally just to Patchogue, Montauk trains run through to Jamaica, generally as non-stop expresses). Beneath the station is also an important bus hub for Nice Bus with 7 buses stopping directly outside of the station. Two of these routes that terminate at the station deserve mention because they serve Merrick Road (that runs generally just a bit south of the rail line with bus service relatively near most stations, no busses run the length of Sunrise Highway that is parallel to the tracks) and are the trunk routes of bus service along the South Shore. One is the n4 that provides service every 15 minutes or better eastbound to Jamaica. The other is the n19 that runs all the way from here to Babylon near every station on the Babylon Branch. This route is much less frequent and only hourly (half-hourly during rush hours). The railroad though has much better service than it since the bus runs only every half-hour. The station is also the connecting point from trains for n88 service (summer only) to Jones Beach.

The platform has a concrete canopy for about half of the length of the platform from the eastern end to the middle. Narrow concrete pillars hold up this canopy. There is a small (4 support canopy) along the western end of the platform that covers a staircase. Lampposts that line the exposed portion of the platform are mini-cobra style lights normally found on highways. The main station house is a brick building nestled beneath the eastern end of the platform. Freeport and Long Island Railroad is written in black lettering along the concrete that holds up the tracks above the station house. This station house is actively used by transferring bus riders and has an LIRR ticket office open for one weekday morning shift (6:10am to 1:45pm). Buses stop on both sides of the station house and their enough routes that it's a bit confusing to which side of the station house to go to find the proper bus stop. This building is east of Henry Street with Main Street along its south side and a small parking lot (used by buses to loop) along its north side. An elevator leads up to the platform from the eastern side of the station (be at the easternmost car for it) and there is a staircase at the extreme end of the platform just beyond this. The main combined up escalator/staircase (with a brick and glass enclosure) is from the western side of the station house. Next at street level is a small brick building in use by the local taxi company.

Continuing down the platform it crosses over Henry Street and there is a staircase down to the eastern side of the station. There is next the long on platform waiting shelter. This takes up about a car length with brick lower walls and the green-framed windows with doors on each end. Inside the waiting room are the normal modern benches and tiled walls. The canopy final ends with a staircase down to the eastern end of Main Street. The second small section of canopy covers the final staircase down to the western side of this street.
Photos 1-17: 28 May, 2013; 18-33: 8 November, 2013

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