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The Floral Park Station is located on portion of the LIRR Main Line that is located on a concrete viaduct just before the Hempstead Branch splits off from the main line. The spilt is readily visible to the west of the station's platforms and all switching between the lines must be done before trains reach this station. The stop has an odd platform layout of two side platforms for the outer tracks (One is C to Hempstead, one is A-Limited Service to New York see schedule, and the main platform, a decently wide island platform shared by the track to New York from the Hempstead branch and the track for other points east) meaning all tracks platform. This does not mean the station has frequent service, although hourly is typical with more during the peak hours. As of the January 2011 schedule the standard off-peak and weekend service is hourly consisting of trains running from Hempstead to Atlantic Terminal. In terms of service to other branches (that use the non-Hempstead Branch platforms) it is only provided during the AM peak with a single train to New York from Platform A at 7:38AM, and three stopping at platform B on their way to points east at 5:26, 6:21, and 8:34AM. Unless your destination is Hempstead don't plan to catch a train to points east from here.

Access to the station's platforms are many, on the outer side platforms the only canopies are green above the staircases up to them and small canopied areas with bare brick windscreens where the staircases reach the platforms. Otherwise it is just a small fence preventing people from falling down to the street. On the main island platform it's canopied near each of its staircases with some un canopied portions, in the middle of the platform is a small brick station building that is a secondary waiting area and smells absolutely disgusting, towards the eastern end there is a strange ancient freight elevator looking contraption still with buttons on it for operation. For most of the station there is a parking area beneath. Starting from the eastern end of the station is where Tulip Avenue crosses beneath the tracks. Here are two staircases up from either side of the street to the middle platform, and platform C, with only one up (from the western sidewalk) to seldom used platform A. Continuing down towards the middle of the station we reach the main station house and waiting room beneath the tracks open from 6AM-2PM weekdays (with a closed window that definitely once sold tickets), inside of it is some benches and also a small and very unofficial looking business that sells coffee and other breakfast items from some folding tables with table cloths and a locked beverage cooler. Outside the ticket office is the stations only two TVMs. Access to the platforms from here is via a staircase/up narrow up escalator to the middle platform, and single staircases to the outside platforms, there is also a Bank of America ATM on the north side beneath the station and 1960s Floral Park Long Island Rail Road Text on the side of the concrete viaduct. Continuing down the platforms to their western end are another two staircases to the middle and platform C, and one only from the east side of the underpass of Camation Avenue.
All photos in this section taken on 5 January, 2011

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Home<New York<Long Island Rail Road<Hempstead Branch<Floral Park
Home<New York<Long Island Rail Road<Port Jefferson Branch (AM Rush Hours Only)<Floral Park
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