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95th/Dan Ryan is the southern terminus of the Dan Ryan Branch and CTA Red Line. It opened on September 28, 1969. The stop is an extremely busy terminal with passengers connecting to 10 regular CTA Routes and 5 PACE Suburban Bus Routes to the surrounding area along with Greyhound's station for the South Side (I saw a bus boarding, going all the way to Memphis). This means the stop has been modified immensely since it opened (complete history). Today more improvements to the station are in the works with plans being formulated for the 95th Street Terminal Improvements which will include direct access to 95th Street which the station is currently lacking. The Red Line Extension project is just entering the EIS process that could see service extended south to 130th Street.

The station has a single platform for two tracks which is completely covered. There is a canopy over its northern portion and the station house is above its southern portion. Trains can enter the terminal on either track and can relay both north and south of the station. The tracks continue south of the station to reach the 98th Yard and Shop. The station house has two combined staircase/escalators and an elevator from the platforms. The elevator was added in 2001 and is awkwardly beyond the turnstiles in what was once outside of fare control so fences run on each side back to the middle of what are now two sets of turnstiles. These turnstiles lead out to two fully enclosed pedestrian overpasses across the Dan Ryan. These both lead to nearly identical bus loops. Each one has two lanes for buses, each with about three stops, separated from the one way streets that are basically the Dan Ryan Service Roads. The East Terminal is along State and the West Terminal is along Lafayette. A sign above the turnstiles for exiting passengers directs them to the proper side for their connecting bus. The inner lanes and the boarding sidewalk of the outer lanes are each covered by a wide canopy providing passengers entirely covered transfers from bus to trains. Across from the turnstiles is a Ducken Donuts and a Newsstand. There are also two exit only high turnstiles that lead out to the northern side of the station house which is a buses only overpass across the Dan Ryan. This is where Greyhound stops.
Photos 1-10 taken on 1 August, 2011; 11-24: 10 June, 2018

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The elevator and next train to board signs
High Exit turnstiles lead directly to the bus loop, a Greyhound bus is stopped beyond
The station viewed from one of the bus loops
One of the bus loops, nicely covered
Entering the main entrance with the elevator awkwardly placed between two separate banks of turnstiles
The two escalator/staircases to leave the station
Turnstiles on each side of the elevators, they have signs directing passengers to the two bus loops for connections
The platform with a canopy and not beneath the station house
Across from the new South Station House/bus loop
Cars pass between the new enlarged South Station house and the bus loop lined with bays
Across from the North Bus loop building just entering construction
Looking south from the wider bus loop bridge at the Red Line's tail tracks
Bus routes N9, N34, and 199 stop at Bay U
within fare control preparing to descend to the platform
On the platform, older technology Do Not Board signs, newer bright countdown clocks which just say every 7 minutes at the terminus
A platform sign and modern covered bus loop above
A 95/Dan Ryan sign above a line map
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