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Kedzie is another recently renovated Douglas Branch Station and was closed from August 10, 2002 to March 29, 2004. A temporary station was situated between Kedzie and Central Park serving passengers from both stations with entrances three blocks from each. The station originally had side platforms but these were converted to an island platform History of Chicago-L).

The main entrance to the station is located along the west side of Kedzie Avenue where passengers enter through wooden doors and the restored original 1902 redbrick facade of the station house. There is a small entrance area with wood paneled walls where the AVMs are before the turnstiles. After entering fare control passengers reach a much wider room with simple modern white and grey walls. Here there is an elevator and a combined up escalator/staircase to the middle of the platform. The exterior of the entire enlarged station house including the elevator shaft are in a similar brown brick to the original station. Once on the platform passengers are underneath the modern 2000s renew the blue triangular glass and steel canopy. This runs all the way to almost the western end of the platform.

Going west of the main entrance, starting from the brick top of the tall elevator shaft the platform tries to be historic. Here the platform surface becomes wooden instead of modern concrete and the two original (and much narrower) canopies that were on the side platforms are situated side by side to cover the entire new wider platform. They have single steel posts painted white holding up blue sheet metal roofs. They cover a secondary exit staircase that leads down to a secondary and small white glass station house located at street level on the eastern side of Kedzie Avenue where there are two high entrance turnstiles that accept fare cards only and have no AVMs to purchase them. The extreme eastern end of the platform has the modern silver round lampposts.
All photos taken on 3 August, 2011

The modern but brick elevator shaft and historic relocated canopy
The historic canopies on a wooden portion of the platform were once on the original side platforms
The staircase to the secondary entrance is on the wooden portion of the platform
The more modern new 'angles' canopy
Approaching the turnstiles in the modern extension of the station
The historic entrance
The more modern headhouse for the auxiliary exit
The brick station house was quite enlarged
Staircase up for the auxiliary entrance
The Kedzie Compass
A poster (5 years old) at the auxiliary entrance for the 'new' Pink Line
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