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The California Station was closed and renovated from October 12, 2002 until Thursday, July 22, 2004 with a temporary station in use two blocks west (Full history on Chicago-L.org). The station reopened with an island instead of side platforms. For about the western half of the platform there is the modern 'Renew the Blue' canopy with silver posts holding up canopies that have gabled angles with a combination of steel and glass roofs. The platform then becomes bare with more silver posts holding up signs that cross above passengers waiting on the platform. Towards the eastern end of the platform is a small (with three triangles) supplemental canopy with the same modern design.

At the western end of the station is where the two modern exits are. Here a combined up escalator/staircase and an elevator lead down to a station house at street level. Amor, a mixed media mosaic by Christopher Tavares Silva is along one wall, and the exit is to the eastern side of California Avenue. The exterior of the station house is decorated with simple white bricks with a small blue trimline in the bricks towards the top of the wall. The station was renovated when service was still provided by the Blue Line and I assume this line would be pink if the pink line was already operating.

The second auxiliary entrance is on the western side of California Avenue. Here two high entrance farecard only turnstiles (without turnstiles) in their own little station house lead up to a staircase to a covered overpass between the tracks that leads up to the very western end of the platform. The overpass walls are made of tall fencing on one side and a glass windscreen on the other.
All photos taken on 3 August, 2011

Platform signs and the Sears tower way beyond
The stairs/escalators to the main exit
Going down to the turnstiles to leave the station
Looking across to the axillary entrance
white bricks with a blue trimline are the walls of the main station house
Looking across to the main entrance
The California Compass
The walkway from the auxiliary entrance to the end of the platform
The staircase down to the auxiliary exit
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