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103rd Street-Washington Heights is the southern of two intermediate stops on the Rock Island Main Line, where the Suburban Branch takes a more western path through the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Chicago. The 103rd Street-Beverly Hills Station is approximately three-quarters of a mile west of this station. This means the station has very little service with trains only stopping during rush hours peak direction, with 5 inbound trains to Chicago stopping between 5:48am and 8:29am, and 5 PM outbound trains from Chicago stopping between 4:06pm and 6:36pm, with one reverse-peak train from Chicago stopping at 7:15am (but no reverse PM service). During weekends, express trains do run along the Rock Island Main Line and bypass the station.

The station itself is misnamed since all access is presently from the south and 104th Street. The station has two side platforms for the two track line that begin just north of the grade-crossing of 104th Street, all access to the station is from the eastern platform with a short sidewalk leading off the eastern platform to the grade-crossing. The western platform (that is seldom if ever used since sister station 95th Street only has an eastern platform, and all trains that stop here except for one also stop at 95th Street) has entrances via pedestrian crossings at each end of the platforms. The platforms themselves are simple bare strips of concrete. Along the middle of the eastern platform, angled closer towards the station's parking lot is the station's small cream with brown trim station house. Inside is a waiting area with a few benches opened during weekday mornings. This station house leads out to the Main parking lot accessed from 104th Street that is triangular in shape. Parking continues along Throop Street that 104th Street curves south to become in the station area, south to 105th Street away from the railroad tracks. This unique parking lot and depot configuration is due to the now abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad "Panhandle Line" that now has the parking lot built along it on Throop Street.All Photos taken on 10 June, 2018

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Approaching the station house at an odd angle (it's once served two different railroads) in the main parking lot
Close-up of the 103rd Street-Washington Heights signs on the station house
The southern entrance to the platforms from the parking lot
The parking pay station in a shelter, parking costs $1.50 per day
The main side of the station house facing the platform
A 103rd Street-Washington Heights sign on the station house
A larger ADA Washington Heights Station sign
Looking down the simple platforms
Looking into the station house with wooden benches
The simple, empty on a Sunday without any train service, parking lot
The back of the station house
Looking south from the main parking lot towards the secondary parking lot
The blur of a Chicago-bound weekend express train passes through the station
The blur of Metra Locomotive #405 pushing a Chicago-bound express train
MP36PH #405 pushes a Chicago-bound train through Washington Heights
MP36PH #405 continues bypassing Washington Heights
The pedestrian exit from the Washington Heights platform
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