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Stony Island is the first stop on the Metra South Chicago Branch. The stop is one of two on the line as it runs down the median of 71st Street. The station was rebuilt in around 2006 and consists of single island platform for the two track line that can fit 5-6 cars. This platform has exits at both ends. The main, eastern exit begins from the western crosswalk of Stony Island Avenue with a ramp up into a small station house, clad in brick and with a green gabled roof. This station house leads out to a canopied platform that continues for a few cars. There is an additional smaller canopy structure (with windscreens) near the western end of the platform. The western end of the platform leads down some steps to a longer walkway at track level before providing a secondary entrance from the grade-crossing of Dante Avenue. Just beyond this grade-crossing the tracks curve across the westbound lanes of 71st Street to the north and enter a private ROW, crossing Dorchester Avenue and 70th Street before entering the Metra electric mainline via a tunnel that crosses under the freight tracks, and southbound mainline tracks, before reaching a track junction in the middle of the 4 track mainline.
All Photos: 25 June, 2016

Looking across Stony Island Avenue at the station
The main ramp entrance from the crosswalk of Stony Island Avenue
The simple median platform
The Stony Island Avenue entrance has a station house
A side view of the main station entrance from Stony Island Avenue
A sign at the end of the platform canopy
A narrow secondary shelter and sign
The western platform exit leads to a long walkway to the next intersection
The Dante Avenue platform exit
The final grade-crossing in the median of 71st Street, before tracks curve north to enter the Metra Electric Mainline has the western platform entrance
Looking down 71st Street from Dorchester Avenue, the tracks curving into the median of 71st Street and the station are visible off in the distance
Home<Chicago<Metra<Metra Electric District<South Chicago Branch<Stony Island

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