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83rd Street is a South Chicago Branch station rebuilt in 2006 and consists of single island platform for the two track line that can fit 4 cars on a private ROW to the west side of Commercial Avenue. The station has a single entrance at the southern end of the platform with a ramp up from the grade-crossing of 83rd to a ramp up into a small station house. The structure has red brick walls with red trim and a red gabled roof. This station house has doors out to a red canopy that covers about half the platform. There is an additional smaller red canopy structure (with windscreens) near the northern end of the platform. The northern end of the platform abruptly ends at a bench about 10 feet from the grade-crossing of 82nd Street, steps to a northern entrance/exit have not been provided, unlike most South Chicago branch stations.
All Photos: 25 June, 2016

Commercial Avenue curves to be paraellel to the train line just before the station
The one ramp up to the platform from 83rd Street
4 bollards block the narrow entrance to the single platform at 83rd Street
A side view of the 83rd Street station house
A windscreened platform
A 83rd Street platform sign
A small second canopy and windscreened benches towards the northern end of the platform and another sign
A 83rd Street sign
There is a fence at the 82nd Street end of the platform, no second staircase exit
The 82nd Street grade-crossing that should but doesn't have a platform entrance
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Last Updated: 5 November, 2017
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