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Wellington is a local stop on the North Side Main Line that was closed for renovations from March 30, 2008 to July 30, 2009. It lacks any historic features because its 1900 station house was destroyed by fire in 1964 (http://www.chicago-l.org/stations/wellington.htmlChicago-L.org again.) The station has two side platforms on the outside tracks for Purple and Brown Line trains with the middle tracks used by the red line to bypass the station. The wooden platforms have very short canopied portions just for about two cars for about the 2nd and 3rd cars of an eight car train. These canopies are modern with brown central supports and silver fencing along the entire length of the platforms. It is in this area that there is a brick elevator shaft at the southern end of the canopy, this and a staircase in the middle of the canopy lead down to the station house. This is a modern brown brick building with an interior of white brick tiled walls. There are numerous white circular columns that hold up the building and elevated station above. Two separate banks of turnstiles with the customer assistant booth in between lead out to glass doors and windows to the southside of Wellington Avenue. There is also a small white awning held up by white pillars along the sidewalk.

The station has a secondary exit with a covered staircase down from the northern ends of both platforms to a free another free crossunder between the platforms and four high exit only turnstiles to the south side of Nelson Street. Entering passengers from here have relatively easy access to the station (they don't have to walk over to Sheffield the nearest parallel street to the elevated structure here) with a sidewalk beneath the 'L.'
All Photos taken on 1 August, 2001

A platform sign above a bench
Zooming in on a Kimball-bound train leaving
A sign and an staircase down to the exit to Nelson Street
The high exit turnstiles out to Nelson Street
The el continues north from the Nelson Street exit
The No Enty! exit to Nelson Street
A path leads beneath the elevated and the station to reach the entrance from Nelson Street
Looking back to the staircases from Nelson Street
Looking across to the new modern station house
Entering the station just beyond the turnstiles
The turnstiles and customer assistance booth
Home<Chicago CTA<Purple Line Express (Rush Hours Only)><Wellington
Home<Chicago CTA<Brown Line<Wellington

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