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Diversey is a recently renovated Brown Line Station that was fully closed for renovations from June 25, 2007 to March 30, 2008 with a temporary entrance in use until August 4, 2008 (History on http://www.chicago-l.org/stations/diversey.html Chicago-L.org). The station has two wooden side platforms for the line that has four tracks here with Brown and Purple Line express trains stopping and red line trains bypassing the station on the middle tracks. That only have canopies (original) that cover the northern two cars. At this end of the platform there is a staircase down from each platform to a small landing with mesh at street level before high turnstiles lead out to the street beneath the northern tracks. They lead out to an exit plaza directly behind the historic 1900s station house that is still beneath the Loop-bound tracks but is no longer in passenger use. In the little area next to the historic station house is a circular sculpture (can't find information on it and didn't photograph the plaque). These are on the northside of Diversity Parkway between Sheffield and Wilton Avenues.

Passengers now enter the station in a large modern, brick station house across the street on the southern sidewalk of Diversity Parkway. Here there are a few tall picture windows and two sets off doors that lead to a modern entrance area with two separate angled sets of turnstiles between a modern steel customer assistant booth. There is an elevator in a brick shaft and then a staircase up to about the middle of the platform. The staircase is covered but it leads up to an exposed platform. This area of the platform has silver fencing and just a tiny little canopy covers that covers a few heat lamps for winter use.
All Photos taken on 1 August, 2001

Staircase down to the exit only staircase by the original station house
The high exit turnstile next to the historic and unused station house
Looking across to the modern brick station house
View of the customer assistance booth in the middle of the original station house between the two banks of turnstiles
Looking towards the staircase to the Kimball-bound platform
The entrance staircase arrives far away from the canopy
Home<Chicago CTA<Purple Line Express (Rush Hours Only)><Diversey
Home<Chicago CTA<Brown Line<Diversey

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