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The Jefferson Park Transit Center opened as the terminus of the Kennedy Extension on February 1, 1970 and was the terminus for 13 years until the first phase of the O'Hare extension opened. The station is located in the median of the Kennedy Expressway and has a single island platform. This platform is canopied for its entire length. Over the northern half of the station is a building above the platform. The northern half of this building isn't open to the public and contains a concession and a number of CTA maintenance rooms (the station was a terminus for a number of years). The building has the Open Plan design with plexiglass walls mostly and a flat roof. There are two combined staircase/escalators and an elevator opened in 2001 that lead up to the station's single set of turnstiles. From here passengers use a pedestrian bridge across the eastbound lanes of I-90 and enter a long corridor with grey brick walls. Along the north walls two doors provide entry (the Metra platforms have additional entrances at their northern ends) to the Chicago-bound or Harvard-bound platforms of Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line. The passageway continues and leads to the large bus loop of the Jefferson Park Transit Center and pedestrian plaza out to Milwaukee Avenue. At the end of this pedestrian plaza along Milwaukee Avenue is a donor funded bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson installed in 2005. This transit center is so large it has two terminals for buses: the South Terminal and the North Terminal. To reach the covered with a full-length roof north terminal with about 7 bus bays is a covered walkway along the edge of Metra's embankment to the terminal where buses stop parallel to the CTA and Metra Station. The south terminal is a bit farther down the central covered plaza and buses stop perpendicular to the expressway and train lines also with a 7 covered bus bays.
All Photos taken on 3 July, 2013

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Under the station exit on the platform, its darker without the translucent canopy
The mezzanine area before fare control. There is an elevator here
South or North (bus) terminal?
The South Terminal
The North Terminal buses pass here but have their own canopy
Lettering for the Jefferson Park Transit Center, PACE, CTA and Metra in logos and service type pictures
There is also a statue of Thomas Jefferson
The Jefferson Statue
Passing the entrance to Metra in the corridor under their platforms before becoming above ground where the Blue Line's fare control is
View of the station building above the platform from the Metra Station high above
A crowd walks towards the entrance to the Blue Line
Down the escalator to the Blue Line platform
Traffic is backed up along the platform
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