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Old Ironsides is the original northern terminus of the first part of the VTA Light Rail that opened from here in Santa Clara to Civic Center on December 11, 1987. Service was extended west to Mountain View on December 20, 1999 as well as east one stop along Tasman Drive to Baypoint. The one-stop extension to Baypoint meant that from 1999 until August 1, 2005, when a new branch from downtown to San Jose Diridon and later Winchester — the current service pattern — service operated only from Mountain View to Baypoint with Old Ironside getting no direct service to downtown San Jose.

The station still was clearly once a terminus. The station consists of a single island platform in the middle of Tasman Drive with one entrance from the crosswalk of Old Ironsides Drive and runs east. At the other end of the platform (where there isn't another entrance) is a small white building with a blue roof between the tracks. This building I assume is a crew layover and restroom facility. The rest of the platform has two 1980's blocky canopy structures with a blue canopy structure and windscreens around the benches. The canopy is held up by columns with mosaic tile including Old Ironside written in brown along the top of these columns.
All Photos taken on 18 January, 2014

Looking across to the simple platform that was the original VTA Light Rail terminus
The one ramp up to the platform
A platform sign
Across from the blue canopied platform
Windscreened benches under the blue platform canopies
The platform
The white building at one end of the platform
A simple canopy
Trying to enter the station from the grade-crossing beyond the end of the platform
Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Mountain View — Winchester<Old Ironsides
VTA Light Rail

Last Updated: 24 September, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
This section reflects VTA service patterns that are no longer accurate. Light Rail trains began operating on new routes and service patterns effective December 28, 2019. See the VTA Website for details
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