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Great America is a stop with a single island platform in the middle of Tasman Drive. There is some landscaping between the station's eastbound track and the eastbound lanes of Tasman Drive. The station has a single island platform with two canopy structures. These have the standard blue color of the original VTA Light rail stations with brown tiles that have Great America written on them holding the canopies up. The platform has one entrance at its western end that leads to an intersection of two important driveways. To the north from this intersection is the main entrance (past a driveway) to the Santa Clara Convention Center. To the south is the northern side of one of the parking lots for the Great America Theme Park. The entrance to the theme park is about a half mile south through this parking lot.

Just east of the station and parking lot and across the Saratoga Creek is the new Levi's Stadium that opened for the San Francisco 49ers with the 2014 football season. This station receives extra service on game days with trains running on special routes to all VTA Light Rail Stations. VTA Light Rail is planning to build a pocket track to store trains for extra football service. The narrow platform is supplemented by the closure of Tasman Drive adjacent to the station on game days. Lines are formed using temporary chains for the various VTA Light Rail destinations.
Photos 1-4: 28 February, 2012, 5-24: 18 January, 2014

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Getting off a two car train at Great America
Tiled Great America platform column
LRV #924B leaves for Mountain View
Across from the station, there are trees
Construction across from the station, closing the sidewalk
Looking down the one platform entrance
Platform signs
An edge of platform sign
A sign for the trolley signal and pillar at one end of the platform
Looking down the platform
Across wide Tasman Drive, the cranes building Levi's Stadium beyond
Across from one platform canopy
An LRV passes Levi's Stadium, no seats yet
LRV #909A
LRV #946B passes a crane
LRV #946B
LRV #946B in the setting sun
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Last Updated: 24 September, 2014
All photos are by Jeremiah Cox
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