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Lick Mill Station opened in 1987 and had the Amtrak (and ACE) Great America Station already existed the station probably would have been built slightly west of where it is today to be on the overpass directly over the Great America Station that opened on May 21, 1993 (the Capital Corridor trains that stop at this station didn't begin operations until 1991 and were probably not a consideration when the original 1980s light rail line was under design). Instead passengers wanting to make the light rail to the Amtrak Capital Corridor and ACE Trains must make sure they cross to the south sidewalk of Trasman and then walk a block west to the middle of the road overpass and take the staircase that connects only the southern sidewalk down to the Great America Station platform below.

The station has two side platforms in the middle of Tasman Drive that start at the intersection of Calle Del Sol and run east with the only legal entrances and crossing connections from this intersection. A low chain fence tries to keep trespassers from crossing the tracks in other places. Each platform has a single canopy structure. The canopies are slightly offset from one another so they're closer to the front of each platform. The columns that hold up the canopy (that has exposed, not windscreened benches) are tiled with a line of brown that has Lick Mill written in black. The endges of the platforms have a Jersey barrier with a higher blue handrail to keep people from wandering into the middle of the Tasman
All Photos: 17 March, 2010

Across from the station, barricades keep passengers off the platforms
LRV #972A stops at the station
LRV #978A for Mountain View leaves
LRV #978A leaving
Looking across to a platform canopy
A rare original side platform VTA Light Rail Station
Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Mountain View — Winchester<Lick Mill
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