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Children's Discovery Museum is the stop just after the Santa Teresa (Guadalupe) Line splits off of the Winchester Line with the three-way junction where this line branches off San Fernando Street starting at the northern end of the platform. The stop is the northernmost stop to open on the first phase of the Guadalupe Parkway extension on August 17, 1990. It is also the only stop on this extension not in the middle of Guadalupe Parkway, just south of the station trains cross Woz Way (that is parallel, on the west side of this station) and Auzerais Avenue and enters the median of the Guadalupe Parkway that makes the line grade-separated.

The station itself has a single island platform for two tracks that is between these two intersections but has no direct entrances from these intersections. Instead the entrances at both ends of the station are pedestrian crossings over only the east, Alum Rock-bound, track and lead to sidewalks to the intersections along Discovery Meadow. The southern crossing leads to a covered walkway into the Children's Discovery Museum. The entire platform has an unusual and large concrete canopy structure covering nearly all of it and the design extends to the covered walkway to the museum. This structure has concrete beams holding up an extremely tall concrete block. These concrete blocks have other blocks that protrude over the tracks and cove a couple of supports for the catenary system. Most of the blocks are covered only from the top forming a full canopy. This allows the platform to have indirect lighting.
All Photos: 28 February, 2012

Across from the station
The platfrom with the disgused catenary supports
A block from the station by a rubber ducky in the roof of the Children's Discovery Museum
Behind a platform entrance
View of the platform behind Discovery Plaza
Southern platform entrance
Crossing to the platform
Column entrance
Platform sign
Original Tickets, Validator/Telephone/System map lettering, and a more modern platform direction sign
The seal of San Jose inside a panel, surrouding a ticket machine
The northern platform entrance at the junction with the Winchester Line
Home<California<VTA Light Rail<Alum Rock — Santa Teresa<Children's Discovery Museum
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