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Rancho Del Oro is the middle station on the western section of double track with trains passing each other in regularly scheduled service just west of the station or inside the station. The stop has two side platforms each with three blue canopies and a fence running between them. They are connected by a pedestrian grade crossing at there eastern end, and sidewalks lead alongside each track (after the end of each platform) to the grade-crossing with Rancho Del Oro Drive. An additional entrance is from a wooden footbridge at the back end of the Oceanside-bound platform that leads to the southern end of a parking lot with about 75 spaces (where another canopy covers the station's TVMs). There is a bus stop with its own bus shelter on an island in the middle of the parking lot and it is between the station and the SW corner of Rancho Del Oro Drive and Oceanside Blvd.
Photos 1-8 taken on 16 March, 2008, 9-38 taken on 21 March, 2011

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Looking up towards the station platforms at Rancho Del Oro from the grade crossing as VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 begins to leave the station.
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 continues to leave the Rancho Del Oro Station.
Another view of VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 at Rancho Del Oro.
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 running eastbound crosses the grade crossing just east of the Rancho Del Oro Station.
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 running eastbound begins to disappear just east of the Rancho Del Oro Station.
VT642 Desiro DMU #4004 again east of the Rancho Del Oro Station.
Looking up towards the high level platforms of the Ranch Del Oro Station, the platforms have low fences on both sides, and little movable gap filler type gates that only align with the two doors in each car, they can also be lifted up for more platform clearance when freight in operated during overnights in the area. The gap-fillers are currently up on the far end of the platform since two LRV operation isn't currently preformed
A TVM at the entrance from the small parking lot to the station, there is a tickets required on platforms sign that is only in Spanish.
DMU #4012 bound for Escondido starts pulling away
DMU #4012 crosses Rancho Del Oro Drive
DMU #4012 leaves off into the distance
The grade crossing gates go up
View down the tracks from the Rancho Del Oro Grade crossing
Sign at the entrance to the parking lot
A Breeze Shuttle
The parking lot is quite empty in the middle of a weekday
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Last Updated: 8 May, 2011
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