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SDSU (San Diego State University) Transit Center is the only underground station on the San Diego Trolley System and opened on July 8, 2005. It has two side platforms and is the only station where a fence runs the length of the platforms between them. Most of the walls of the station are bare concrete or sheathed in silver, the double height ceiling (except where the mezzanine is) has an orange roof and natural light shines in through windows above the Old Town-bound platform from the lower plaza that surrounds this station in the middle of a college campus. Two staircases/up escalators from each platform lead to a central mezzanine area. Above the Old Town-bound platform are two openings that lead to a landscaped plaza with lots of grass in the middle. TVMs are here between the two station entrances. The one wall of the station visible above at street level is clad in marble between the opaque windows that let light into the station. A wide staircase leads up to the transit plaza directly above the station. This upper level is where the station's and campus' bus loop is. Two elevators lead directly up from each platform (the stop has 4 elevators in total) and make an intermediate landing stop on the mezzanine.
All Photos taken on 22 March, 2011

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S70 #3007 begins leaving the one underground station
An escalator/staircase up to the mezzanine
Decorative branches hang from the ceiling
One of the unique platform signs
A directional sign
The mezzanine
Looking down to the platform level
The orange platform roof
Elevators, two sets down to each platform with two landings each
Entrance to the Old Town-bound platform
Stairs between levels of the transit center at street level
The lower station entrance, the top of the elevators shafts are visible
The Mezzanine is at the same level as this plaza and natural light reaches the platforms
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