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H Street is an original Blue Line Station with platforms begin at the northern end of the H Street grade crossing with the standard two ground-level platforms with tactile warning strips along the platform edges. They are connected by a pedestrian concrete crossing in the middle of the platforms where the San Diego-bound platform has the brown large pavilion canopy structure. A fence is between the tracks elsewhere, a rarity on the San Diego Trolley. The San Diego-bound platform has a bus loop perpendicular to its southern end, oversized for only the 3 lines it serves. The rest of the platform is along a 295 space park & ride lot that stretches out to Woodlawn Avenue. The San Ysidro-bound platform has two red metal shelters and an I-5 onramp just beyond it.

From May 20, 2014 through late October 2014, the station was completely rebuilt, passengers used temporary platforms under the trolley renewal project to have 6 inch high platforms replacing the former ones at ground-level The track area is now normal ballast with 4 pedestrian crossings, 2 at each end of the platform that are step free, and two in the middle of the platform. Two larger cream-colored canopy structures on each platform provide more shade than the previous canopies.
Photos 1-17 taken on 22 March, 2011; 18: 28 December, 2019

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