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103rd St./Kenneth Hahn
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103rd Street/(Kenneth Hahn) is a standard street-level blue line station along the private ROW, with the two blue line tracks separated from two freight tracks to the west of the light rail line by a fence. The station has a single entrance from the fully belled and gated grade crossing of 103 Street that has a short walkway that leads to a ramp up to the northern end of the platform. Here there is a single canopy that covers the station's TVMs before the platform begins and about the length of half an LRV. The platform continues south fully exposed with just an emergency exit via a staircase at the southern end. Most of the lampposts sturcutres have been painted red along the platform Blue Line Totems in Red by Roberto Salas, above these protruding skyward are steel posts with holes in them representing the 1,110 unique shapes used the Red Cars' conductors to punch tickets. Directly across from the station the restored Watts Station stands (not photographed by me, I did not know about it when I visited the station) built in 1904 and used until 1962 when the Red Cars were discontinued.
All Photos taken on 18 March, 2010

The red platform posts with cuts outs of conductors punch holes
Platform sign and empty land beyond
The one station exit ramp
Tide and Time Waits for No one
P850 #107 approaches
Home<California<Los Angeles Metro<Blue Line<103rd St./Kenneth Hahn
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